Council commits assistance to Health Care Aide program

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Paintearth council has agreed to provide assistance to Paintearth Adult Learning to assist them in running the Health Care Aide program. Council discussed the request during their Aug. 8 meeting.

The Health Care Aide program is set to run from Oct. 2023 until June 2024.

Paintearth Adult Learning has requested $6,000 to help cover the costs of meetings and conferences, presentations, promotional materials and some student maintenance.

“It would be funded from the administration operating budget Grants to Individuals and non-governmental organizations,” said Lana Roth, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer.
The hope is that by running the program, students will stay in the region once they have completed their studies.

Crowfoot Industrial Park water service
Council has agreed to put water in at the same time they are putting in the sewer at the Crowfoot Industrial Park.

Jeff Cosens, Director of Environmental Services, presented the information to council and recommended that they agree to move to tender the water projects.

“It takes about a year to get this project going, so if we don’t do it now, we’ll have to wait a year,” explained Cosens.” So I mean, if you want to build something like a hotel or whatever, it will take a year just to get in the water there.

Doing the water and sewer at the same time will increase the project cost by $463,000 to the project; however, if they do not do it simultaneously with the sewer project, the cost will increase. This is because the county would need to rehire the company a second time and pay for them again.

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