Council approves six-month trial on Facebook

Paintearth County council has decided to use social media, specifically a Facebook page, on a six-month trial and be re-evaluated in October at their regular meeting on Feb. 6.
Administration assured council that there would be no need to hire another employee as it could be dealt with in house.
The page will act as a bulletin for information only and be controlled by Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Tarolyn Aaserud.

Police update
Sgt. McGunigal, who recently returned to the Coronation detachment from a six month paternity leave, gave a quarterly update and established the 2018 policing priorities for the detachment.
These priorities are traffic safety, property crime and substance abuse. Sgt. McGunigal shared that just because these are the priorities it will not be the only focus of the detachment.
In the third quarter the Coronation detachment gave 89 tickets regarding traffic safety. According to Sgt. McGunigal property crime, which includes break and enters and theft, has been on steady decline for the last year.
The detachment has recently set up an email address for citizens to share verifiable information regarding illegal drug activity. Sgt. McGunigal expressed that this is a way to encourage communication between citizens and officers.
Sgt. McGunigal also gave a detachment update, sharing that a new member has recently joined, and one is currently on maternity leave.

Coronation seed plant request
Council has agreed to wait until the organizational meeting to re-evaluate the number of county representatives involved with the seed plant. The Coronation Seed Plant believes that only one representative is sufficient, while currently two councillors sit on the board.
The possible change in representatives does not affect the finances of the seed plant and is thought of as a cost-saving measure for the county.

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