Council approved $25,000 to gather information

The Town of Bashaw council, at its regular meeting May 19, approved $25,000 for an engineering company to gather information to fix 54 Ave.

A camera will be inserted into the sewer line to determine the condition of the pipes. Tagish Engineering will analyze the information and make recommendations for either the replacement or rehabilitation of utilities, as well as survey the road and drainage features, make a preliminary design plan, a budget estimate and recommendations.

Deputy Mayor Rosella Peterman said the town would use money from operations and would later include the cost in the 2016 MSI Capital grant application.

Theresa Fuller, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), in her report to council said that engineering costs generally qualify for MSI Capital funding.

Tourist booth gets help
The Town of Bashaw will pay $3,375 for staffing costs of the tourist booth in a 50-50 cost sharing agreement with the Bashaw Historical Society.

The money will come out of the general operating budget.

In her report to council CAO Fuller said the increased costs this year are due to an increase in Alberta’s minimum wage from $12 an hour to $15 an hour.

Alberta’s minimum wage went up to $11.20 an hour in October, 2015. It will increase to $15 per hour by 2018.

Helping Ag Society
Bashaw council deferred making a decision on whether to help sponsor the Bashaw Agricultural Society’s rodeo and All Pro Canadian Chuckwagon and Chariot races in June.

The Agriculture Society asked the town to be a sponsor and donate money. If, however, the town isn’t able to be a financial sponsor, the Ag Society said different types of assistance could be provided.

Deputy Mayor Rosella Peterman said the town has already spent its discretionary money but said council could see what they can come up with.

Coun. Lynn Schultz suggested they table the item until the next meeting.

“As a town we should be supporting it a little bit,” he said.

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