Council aims to embrace Nickelback legacy with new sign

Town of Hanna
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Hanna council discusses the new Nickelback sign that will replace the old sign during their Aug. 8 meeting.

“Administration has approached a local sign company to provide a quote and graphic design for the electronic sign at the west entrance to Hanna; the graphic will be in reference to Nickelback,” said Coun. Sandra Beaudoin.

“I think that is very important, and that was something that had been discussed with council prior to that, so the comments regarding the fact that the town does not support Nickelback is wrong.”

The sign had been removed due to the conditions of the signs; however, council and administration had been planning to still reference the home of Nickelback on the new sign.

Mayor Danny Povaschuk has been spreading the word to community members about their plans for the signs. They are also planning on putting up another album cover.

Land Use bylaw
Council has set a date and time for their public hearing regarding the Bylaw 1032-2023, the Land Use Bylaw.

The public hearing will be on Sept. 13, starting at 9 a.m. at the community centre. The public hearing could be one hour or six hours depending on how many people want to speak, explained Chief Administrative Officer Kim Neill.

“Council has an obligation to hear everyone who wishes to speak,” said Neill. “I’m hoping that it’s not an all day thing but I couldn’t tell you.”

Advertising plan
Council has approved a new advertising plan for the Town of Hanna.

The Council’s March 14, 2023 meeting approved the Advertising Bylaw and Promotions and Advertising Plan, Bylaw 1030-2023. This bylaw pertains to Section 606.1 and reflects the administration and council’s belief that providing Town information in print format and the required statutory notices is more effective in reaching a significant demographic within the Hanna community.

This was approved when administration and council were informed that Hanna Herald would no longer be issuing a print edition of their paper.

The new newspaper and the Town of Hanna have agreed to an advertisement similar to the one they had with Hanna Herald.

“It’s $365 a week and we get a full page in their paper,” explained Neill.

Hanna will continue honouring their agreement with the ECA Review and continue advertising with them when needed.

They will also no longer be using mail drops.

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