Council accepts tender for sale of Moonwalkers play equipment

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Alix council regretfully motioned to accept a tender from Mannan Chaudry in the amount of $5700 for the play equipment from the now defunct Moonwalkers Activity Centre.
The original tender was $7,000 however it was recommended to not include the video games and lockers.
Five tenders were submitted but only two had the required 10 per cent deposit.
Moonwalkers was opened in October 2013 in Alix with the hopes by council that it would be a long term economic anchor for the community and would bring people to the village who would not typically visit Alix.
The ECA Review was not able to access the dollar amount paid for the Moonwalkers play centre in 2013 however, CAO Rob Stoutenberg noted in his written presentation to council, that this play centre was probably worth $50,000 but playground equipment is typically only saleable at pennies on the dollar.
quote from rob Fehr re: competition.

Railway House
Council ratified ‘Railway House’, submitted by Lloyd Dahl, as the new name for the Moonwalkers building as per the recommendation of an adhoc committee.
The committee had four submissions that included Providence Place, The Irene Parlby Memorial Building and Irene Parlby Centre.

Capital Projects Plan
Chris George of MPE Engineering Ltd. attended the meeting and walked through the Working Capital Plan based on various past studies and the priorities identified by council in 2015.
Eight projects amounting to $3,267,200. had been approved by council for years 2017 – 2019.
Chris George recommended going ahead with the geotechnical investigation of the sewage lagoon in 2017 for $30,000 as ongoing issues with suspected leakage and seepage between cells can be a significant environmental issue over time if not remediated.
Also accepted by council was his recommendation to start the detailed design of a new main street lift station (budgeted at $1,131,700) in 2017 so that it can be tendered early spring, 2018 as Canada’s Clean Water and Wastewater grant funding as been approved.
This project is now in the 2017 and 2018 Revised Capital Plan.
A detailed design for the 49th St. water and sanitary upgrades costing $70,000 will fall into the 2018 plan with the completed project of $1,000,000 falling into 2019.
The detailed design of the 53rd St. Lift Station costing $24,000 is also scheduled for 2019 expenditures with the actual work of $255,000 falling into 2020.

Alix Avenue of Heroes
Council granted approval for Charles Andrews to proceed with the naming of the portion of Highway 12 that runs through Alix corporate limited to “Alix Avenue of Heroes”.
The motion is a requirement of Alberta Transportation.
Andrews is further proposing flags be flown from the light standards along this stretch of highway.

Village properties
CAO Rob Stoutenberg updated council on village properties including the space available for leasing in the Moonwalkers Bay that would be approximately 6000 sq. ft. once the play equipment is removed. Council approved the recommendation to hire a real estate agent to market the Moonwalkers Bay.
The vacant bay in the Moonwalkers building presently being used as a fitness area will be brought back to council in September.
He noted two individuals are interested in leasing the old fire hall with one offer received.
Council authorized administration to clean up the old medical building and offer it for sale and obtain an easement and utility right of way on the Highway 12 property and then devise a strategy to market the property.

Other business
Tanya Meston was appointed Returning Officer and no deposit fee was set for nomination papers.
Employee, Michael Carr has achieved his Certificate of Qualification for Water Distribution I, Wastewater Treatment I and Wastewater Collection I. This means that three qualified personnel in the water and waste water department, said Stoutenberg.

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