Coun. Edwards declares State of Health Emergency

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Coun. M’Liss Edwards informed council at their teleconference meeting on Wed. April 15, in her capacity as Director of Emergency Services, she was declaring a State of Health Emergency for the Village of Morrin.

“It’s come to our attention that if we declare a State of Health Emergency in the village we have the capacity then to limit people coming into the village. To limit it to people who need to go to the post office, for example, who are a county residents or for essential services.

“It’s going to get to the point we’ll have tourists coming into town again and I’m concerned and so are a lot of other people,” said Edwards.

“There is no gas station here, there is no public washrooms. That’s the kind people shouldn’t be coming into town for from who knows where.”

“Drumheller has been doing the same thing but in order to do that I have to declare a State of Emergency. But I can limit it to a State of Health Emergency, not a full State of Emergency for everything.”

“How are we going to control that?” asked CAO Plachner.

“I was thinking of a sign by the highway,” responded Edwards. “Have you drawn up a plan.” asked Mayor Helton. “Should have a plan on paper and publish it obviously.”

“Those are things we’ll have to figure out as we go”, Edwards added. “I’ll write it out with the Deputy Director and cover off where to post it. “We’ll prepare the course of action we are going to do and then we’ll carry it out” adding she would inform the fire chief.

According to the Emergency Plan, the Director does not have to have the approval of council to declare a State of Emergency.

In the only other business held at the meeting was going over 30 old business items but no more costs and information was provided on any of the items.

The two big projects waiting for further action are the two sewer and water lines, one on Main Street and the second one on Railway Ave. S. to 1st St. S.; second quotes for office security, office divider, sewer lateral checks, and trees.

CAO Plachner agreed to work on the item for sewer lateral checks on 2nd Ave. N.

“We need to expedite that one Annette,” said Mayor Helton, “because we have another problem coming on the north here,” stated Helton.

According to village policy, two quotes are required for proper due diligence. Other outstanding old business items council is waiting for information and costs include sidewalks, paving repairs, nine water/sewer items, fire hydrant deficiencies and two property title acquisitions.

These and other miscellaneous items council has requested for the purpose of making informed decisions for 2020 Budget.


J. Webster

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