Could not believe what I was reading!

Dear Editor,

I was recently reading an article on a windmill energy project in the Hand Hills area.

The first part of the article went through the history of the project, including the different owners and dates. The last part of the article went through some of the regulatory requirements of the government.

I literally had to read this part three times because I could not believe what I was reading!

The Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) had done a review of the project.

It was found that a sharp-tailed grouse lek (dancing ground) would be disturbed because of several permanent structures.

I thought that was strange in this day that they would let that go ahead without some changes.

But the more I read, the more unbelievable it got!

It has been found that there is also a high chance of bat deaths because it is in a large migration area. The AEP has required the company to report how many bats they kill for the first three years after the project is COMPLETED.

They have also requested numbers on raptors, sharp-tailed grouse and burrowing owls in the area yearly until the project is COMPLETED and in operation for three years as if anyone is going to shut it down! Not a chance!

Do you believe for a second any “non-green” project would get the go-ahead to build with the requirements to let us know how much damage to wildlife was occurring three years later? I don’t think so!

I honestly can’t believe the double standard that seems to be at play here or that the people in charge think no one will notice or care.

I guess as long as the project is “green”, it’s full steam ahead and the heck with anything that gets in the way, whether it’s a bat or the endangered burrowing owl.

You can’t make this stuff up!

Duanne Veno

Hanna, Ab.

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