Could Crosby and Toews be headed for a cup showdown?

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Could Crosby and Toews be headed for a cup showdown?

The Hawks and Pens look like they’ll be the final contenders for the 2013 Stanley Cup

Which young National Hockey League superstar will be the first to win two Stanley Cups?
We could find out by mid-June whether it’s Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks or Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Both are 25 years of age, have one Cup each to their name and appear headed for a Stanley Cup final showdown. Their teams finished first in their respective conferences during the shortened 48-game regular season and neither has shown any signs of slowing down in the post-season.
Crosby, generally acclaimed as the best hockey player in the world, won his Cup in 2009, leading the Penguins past the Detroit Red Wings in the final game. The next year, Toews and his Hawks were crowned champs, downing Philadelphia in the final.
Having two teams other than Pittsburgh and Chicago in this year’s final would be regarded as a huge surprise. The Penguins were nine points better than runner-up Montreal Canadians in the Eastern Conference, and Chicago’s closest rival in the West, 11 points behind, was the Anaheim Ducks. Both of those runner-up teams are already on the sidelines, leaving what appears to be a clear path for Pittsburgh and Chicago to zip through to the finals.
Hockey fans all across North America are rooting hard for Crosby. He missed most of the 2011 – 12 season with a concussion. After this year’s lockout ended in January, he got off to a sensational start with the Penguins, leading the scoring race by a mile before he took a slapshot in the jaw, fracturing it, and causing all kinds of tooth damage. He made it back in time for the playoffs and has been playing some of his best hockey.
Crosby, who wears number 87 because he was born August 7 (8-7) in 1987, may be on top of his game because he’s so fresh thanks to all the injury time off.  Fresh enough by mid-June to carry the Stanley Cup around either the Consol Energy Centre in Pittsburgh or the United Center in Chicago.

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