Costs on the rise for Delburne

Animal Control Services of Red Deer will continue to provide animal control for the Village of Delburne for the next year council decided at its Feb. 9 meeting.

The village’s current contract ends Feb. 28 but prices have risen substantially for the new contract. The cost for patrols has gone up 25 per cent. Originally set at $60, increases have gone to $62 then $64 and now up to $75.

Council opted to renew the contract for only one year giving administration time to look for alternative services.

Arena funding clarification
Red Deer County has requested a letter of support from Delburne to apply for an Alberta Community Partnership Grant for $350,000 for Delburne Arena upgrades and renovations.

Council was supportive of the application, but wanted further information on whether the village was expected to contribute matching grants if the grant is successful

“They’re going to need more money to do what they want to do,” remarked Mayor Ray Reckseidler regarding the nearly $1.3 million estimate to upgrade the arena.

The request for support was unclear if a monetary contribution was expected from the village.

“We need to know if we have to match that,” stated Coun. Kathy Faulk.
Council will wait on further information before making a decision.

Business licenses
An inquiry about a business license for a cab service within the village prompted a discussion on the license requirements for home based businesses.

The cost for a home business license is $25 but some business owners seem unaware they require a license.
According to CAO Karen Fegan’s report to council, Delburne Hotel has applied for a building permit/license to reopen the restaurant. The restaurant will reopen in the spring with a western menu.

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