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The ECA Review would like to correct a misquote from Coronation Town Council, as reported in the September 27 edition of the ECA Review.
The quote below was falsely attributed to Councillor Jackie Brigley, when it should have been attributed to Deputy Mayor Bonnie Danylyshen. The correction is made as follows:
“(Not donating) is not a popular move but how popular is it to be giving money to something that’s not doing anything for our community,” Danylyshen said, “We had that discussion at the last PEPS meeting about CAEP, (that) CAEP was not doing anything for us, well I guess you have to look at PEPS; what’s PEPS doing for us?”

The ECA Review would also like to correct an omission of names in the Allan Zinger card of thanks. Names missed in the tribute included Leanne (Carson, Chris (Li), Kody, Josie and Grandma Josie.

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