In the July 28 edition of the ECA Review, “Clean up of town property, ft. pg., July 28” Peggie Ginger of Out of the Cold was reported as being present at the meeting.

It was in fact, Allison Fotheringham, co-owner of Out of the Cold, who attended the meeting.

We apologize for this error.

In an email to the ECA Review Ms. Fotheringham also stated “I do not remember saying that “I can do my job without a trap”, as catching cats is one of the main duties of Out of the Cold and using humane traps is the best way to do it.  Rather, I recall saying something along the lines of I can do my job without the trap but that it will be difficult for the reason stated above.

The ECA Review has made a request to Morrin village council for permission to record the meetings to avoid these memory differences for the purpose of accurate reporting and solving the ‘who said what’ issues.

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