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Recreation director Barry Brigley presented the Recreation Report at Coronation Council on September 23 with the good news that the pool has been winterized, the golf club made it’s final payment to the Town on the loan to purchase a new top dresser and minor hockey registration is complete with teams in all age groups.

He also noted that he has begun seeking donations for a new Zamboni, and with enough cash donations he can then apply for a Community Initiatives Program matching grant.

Public Works

Public works director Allan Smith said Lamontagne’s gravel pit loaned Public Works a gravel separator, and with that he was able to grind a good-sized pile of gravel from larger chunks of stone and asphalt from uptown. “We should have a couple of years of stockpile gravel to do our alleys and [other projects],” said Smith, “So that’ll be not such a cost for buying gravel now.” He also noted that the lights on the Crown at the entrance to Coronation were starting to burn out, so discussion ensued as to whether to replace them or eliminate them, with no resolution at this time.

Advanced vote

Discussed by Council was the Advanced Vote for the General Municipal Election, which Mayor Dawna Elliot approached by asking if it could be held before the long weekend, as some individuals had already begun asking on the advanced vote time frame. This would move advanced polling to the week of the 7 – 11 of October, as opposed to the 17 – 21, which was brought up as a lengthly timeframe for voting.

Advertising was a concern brought up by Deputy Mayor Bonnie Danylyshen, who questioned what local publication it would have to be advertised in. “Does it have to be the ECA Review, or can it be something else?” she asked, citing that the problem with having a weekly paper was that advertising had to be planned in advance of the polling date. “In the city they’ve got dailies and they can [advertise] whenever the [heck] they want. And I think it’s a rip off that we have to put it in the paper, period.” It was established that dates have to be advertised for one week in advance, and motion was carried to hold an Advanced Vote on October 10 and an Institutional Vote on October 21 at the Coronation Hospital and Care Centre.

Tourism project

Canadian Badlands Tourism Visioning Project was given a warm reception from Council. It was discussed that as a regional initiative, it was being promoted well in breaking down areas into rational working groups for projects with neighbouring communities to promote tourism. It was discussed that it was an agreeable partnership, as the Town of Castor was offering to be project lead, and the Badlands were taking on the bulk of the ‘legwork’ in getting they project together. Motion to agree by the terms of the project grant was carried.

Economic partnership membership

It was discussed at some length whether or not Council wished to discontinue membership with the Central Alberta Economic Partnership Ltd. (CAEP). It was noted that at the September 18 meeting with PEPS – who pay for the CAEP membership – member municipalities discussed CAEP membership, and at that time the board agreed they were not seeing direct benefit of participation. Each municipal Council was then obliged to pass individual resolutions on the matter.

It was discussed that as the last CAEP invoice had not been paid at the present time, that Coronation was not obligated to remain for the remainder of the membership term, ending March 31, 2014.

Councillor Brigley made a motion that the Town of Coronation withdraw membership in CAEP effective immediately, and this motion was carried. It was noted that membership can be renewed anytime.

Waste management donation

Paintearth Waste Management – Unanimous Consent for Donation was brought to the table. Background on the subject noted that at the Paintearth Waste Management meeting on September 18 the annual donation to PEPS was discussed and a motion to make a donation of $100,000 to PEPS was approved by the Board. The Membership Agreement terms note that “such financial assistance must be authorized by a resolution of not less than 80 per cent of members.”

“Personally, and for the sake of our community I am not really in favour of the direction of waste management to donating this money to PEPS, for a lot of reasons” Deputy Mayor Danylyshen said, “We have to look after taxpayers money, and not a lot of people know how this works, even I’m not sure sometimes how it works.” She said that of the $100,000 that goes to PEPS, ultimately about $50,000 dollars was being contributed by the Town. She stated that in good conscience she could not agree to this, and this was her motion put forward.

CAO Sandra Kulyk then added that as a point of clarification, unanimous consent resolution is a resolution for a donation by Paintearth Waste Management, and that the $100,000 came from royalty credits received from the operation of the waste facility.

“To presume that by not approving this resolution, that $25,000 would come to us would probably be to presume incorrectly,” Kulyk said, “this would prevent PEPS from receiving the $100,000; it would oblige PEPS to find some other way of funding their operations, and these funds would just remain in the bank of Paintearth Waste Management.”

She also said that it was “a gamble” to assume that the funds would be divvied up equally amongst the municipalities involved.

It was discussed that, according to the agreement, the Town is entitled to around $24,000 in royalties, which will sit in trust for Coronation.

Danylyshen added that council needed to scrutinize the decision to donate.

“[Not donating] is not a popular move but how popular is it to be giving money to something that’s not doing anything for our community,” Brigley said, “We had that discussion at the last PEPS meeting about CAEP, [that] CAEP was not doing anything for us, well I guess you have to look at PEPS; what’s PEPS doing for us?”

Following was some discussion as to what PEPS was doing for the Town. Councillor Jackie Brigley noted that if Council was not happy with PEPS, “I don’t think not passing this resolution is the proper way to address that issue,” she said. Some discussion as to the nature of the reaction by PEPS if the resolution was not passed was discussed.

Ultimately Brigley asked for the vote to be recorded. The final tally for the motion that the Town of Coronation not grant it’s connect for the $100,000 donation PEPS as per September 18, 2013 proposed resolution from Paintearth Waste Management was two votes for the motion, three votes against, and the motion was defeated.

Brigley made the motion that the Town of Coronation thus approve the $100,000 donation of Paintearth Regional Waste Management to the Paintearth Economic Development Society as per the terms of the draft resolution, which was carried.

Family care clinic

Mayor Elliott brought up the proposal of a Family Care Clinic (FCC) letter of support. “Coronation is going to try to put a proposal in for a Family Care clinic,” she said, adding that it would bring “significant dollars” and excellent primary health care to the community. She said the proposal must be in by September 30 and she had been working for the past two weeks on the proposal. She added that the Town needs letters of support by Wednesday. Motion to draft a letter of support was carried.

Other items

Motion was carried to strike section 24.18 from the procedural bylaw, in regards to providing printed copies of council agenda to the press. It was discussed that press and the public can find copies online on Fridays prior to meetings and that this was sufficient.

Motion was carried to discontinue corporate services committee, public works committee, and parks and recreation committee. Motion that the Draft Terms of Reference for fire department committee and emergency management committee be approved was carried.

Draft code of conduct for Members of Council and Council Committees Policy was approved as presented.

The Parkland Regional Library 2014 Budget and Budget Projections was accepted, as was the ATCO Gas Franchise Fee and Electric Franchise Fee.


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