Coronation town council hiring new campground attendant

Coronation town council has plans to hire a new campground attendant and is looking into the pros and cons of contracting out the position or hiring another town staff for the job.

Councillors discussed their options at the Oct. 24 council meeting.

Coronation Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Quinton Flint brought the matter up under new business, noting that Jim Dafoe, the previous campground attendant, had given his notice.

“The administration wishes Mr Dafoe well on his new adventures and thank him for his 12 years of dedicated service,” he said in his report to council.

“In Mr. Dafoe’s 12 years as the campground attendant, he helped to grow the campground and helped to ensure it was prosperous. Mr. Dafoe was a significant part of the infrastructure development and the construction of new campsite stalls taking it from 11 stalls to 52, as well as the construction of the new campground shower house.”

Flint told council that the job description for the position of campground attendant needs to be updated and council needs to decide if it wants to go with a contract position or hire an individual as a town staff.

He said a contracted position would mean the town would not be required to pay overtime. The town would also not be responsible for paying payroll benefits.

The contractor would be responsible for overseeing the job and ensuring it was completed satisfactorily.

Council noted that an individual hired as a campground attendant could be kept on year-round and the position changed to accommodate other town departments.

The CAO will draft tentative advertisements for the position of campground attendant to be brought back to council.

The campground also has a trailer dumping station, large areas for group camping, a camp kitchen, and a large new playground. The Coronation Dam is home to Rainbow Trout and Northern Pike and accommodates year-round fishing. There is a boat launch for small fishing boats.

Treena Mielke
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