Coronation Town Council

Former Deputy Mayor Bonnie Danylyshen  was presented with an award for her service at the Coronation Town Council meeting on February 24, 2014. She received a certificate of recognition for two terms of service (six years) on Council, an engraved pen, a keepsake photograph and an area photograph of Coronation, as presented by CAO Sandra Kulyk and Mayor Mark Stannard. Former Mayor Dawna Elliott was invited to attend but was unable to do so.


Council approved draft procedural Bylaw 2014-622, which was presented with the clause added under section 11.8 that outlined the prohibition of recording council meetings with electronic video or audio devices unless properly authorized.

Council was also presented with a draft Utility Services Bylaw, which they approved in light of the sanitary sewer blockage concerns brought to the February 10 meeting.

The Bylaw provided clarification on problematic infrastructure in concerns to town versus customer responsibilities.

It was noted that up to the property line of a private property is the concern of the homeowner: an example used was if undershorts clogged a pipe, the clog originated from the homeowner and was therefore their responsibility to fix.

However if a pipeline collapse or public-property tree root protrusion were to occur, for example, this would be the Town’s responsibility to remedy.

Efficient lighting

A correspondence from Alberta Dark Sky was presented to Council, outlining the benefits of becoming a Light-Efficient Community (LEC). The document outlined the benefits of becoming a LEC, including the minimization of energy waste, glare and light pollution.

Council agreed that discussion with ATCO Electric would be a good way to ascertain whether or not this was a feasible initiative, financially or otherwise, in Coronation. Some options for implementation included testing out single streets or subdivisions in future.

Development permit

A proposal for the development of a four-plex residential unit at 5117 Railway Avenue was provided to Council. The permit, received from Kim Redelback, included site and floor plans indicating all minimum setback, site coverage and height restriction requirements were met.

Council approved the permit, with the condition of approval being that off-street parking allowing for approximately 12 parking stalls be incorporated into the site.

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