Coronation Town Council

It was a full house at the Coronation Town Council meeting on January 27, 2014 as the gallery had a collection of delegates waiting to eventually speak to Council. Once again Councillor Keith Griffiths conference called in to the meeting from his vacation. A land matter – offer to purchase – was added to the agenda.

Coronation RCMP

Sergeant Colm FitzGerald updated Council on recent issues and insights from the Coronation RCMP, including mention of the Castor house fire, which he said the RCMP was still working on and it would take time.

He noted that while there was a decrease in certain crimes, drinking and driving and fly-by-night break and enters were still of concern.

“Castor bears the brunt of that,” he said. “A lot of that took a [lack of] preparedness on their part.” He mentioned allowing easy access to private property and not calling until days after an incident as factors instrumental in the success of thieves.

“We’ve addressed this with the Town [of Castor] and some of the victims to stop any further cycles, because that’s what it comes down to: cycles,” FitzGerald noted.

He notes that travelling criminals are able to access information from more transitory work-people as well as people who have lived in town for some time and know when an opportunity will present itself.

Fitzgerald mentioned that he would be stepping down from his position as Sergeant after 29 years in service, although he said he plans to stay in the area. A new Sergeant from Beaumont should be moving to Town at the end of March, he added.

Questions were asked about the holding cell in Coronation at the courthouse, which FitzGerald noted was not a proper cell due to lacking suicide proof measures and two flights of stairs required to access the cell. He noted that cell options are available in Stettler and that the RCMP does not view paying staff for this transport as an issue.

Also discussed were oversized vehicles entering town and not using the appropriate lane (Railway Ave). Fitzgerald said he’d talk to RCMP in Stettler who have weigh-scales and know the trucks “inside-out” to get some information.

Municipal library

Library Manager Lauren Reid and Chairperson Marilyn Polege presented for the Coronation Municipal library as a delegation, presenting Council with their draft budget and handing out pamphlets to Council members which outlined new services, social media accounts and offers. Some highlights of the delegation include a winter reading program, an extended DVD collection, video game rental and online magazine viewing forum. It was noted that the library is down 40 – 50 cardholders from the previous year, but that the library was hoping to rectify this.

Town newsletter

ECA Review Publisher Joyce Webster asked to speak to Item 5a on the agenda, pertaining to costs on inserting the town newsletter into the Review.

Webster noted that at present Coronation residents receive 894 copies of the newspaper, less store issues, which would be a 16 per cent increase in scope of potential readership for the newsletter if it were to be inserted in distributed copies of the Review. She noted that a 76 per cent savings could be achieved for the Town between the present Canada Post rate of distribution versus the ECA Review rate.

Webster noted that if town news, including library news and bowling news were to go in the Review, labour, paper and copying  costs would decrease.

She also noted that advertising that goes in the newsletter for free was competing against the Review, which was a taxpaying business. An example Webster used was fundraising events such as those hosted by the Wellness Centre wherein the town doesn’t supply the liquor or entertainment for free, so she queried why the town should supply advertising for free.

After Webster left, Council discussed the issue further. Councillor Griffiths said he would like to see a cost and savings comparison chart. Council discussed that some of the organizations using the newsletter as advertising were perhaps unable to pay for advertising themselves. Councillor Liz Adams noted that the scope of news for those solely advertising in the newsletter, like the golf course or recreational curling, were missing out on the wide scope of audience that would read about these subjects in the Review.

“I think it’s a disgrace that we’re not using a taxpaying business in town,” she said.

Motion was carried to begin distribution of the newsletter in the ECA Review.

Notice of termination

BFI Canada sent correspondence to the Town that they would not be renewing the Residential and Commercial Waste Collection in the Town of Coronation at the end of their contract, which expires April 1.

CAO Sandra Kulyk noted that upon receiving the notification of termination contract, she drafted a Request for Proposals (RFP) for waste management to five companies operating in Alix, Red Deer, Hanna and Hardisty.

Kulyk noted that it was her administrative responsibility to issue an RFP as soon as possible to ensure waste collection would be in place for the town.

“So I’m presenting this more as an information item until I receive proposals,” she said, noting that she’d included a recycling option as part of the proposal.

To ensure a new garbage collection service would be operative by April 1, she set the closing deadline for RFP submission as January 31, 2014.

Cenotaph repairs

Council deliberated repairing the Coronation Cenotaph at Windsor Avenue and Royal Street, as it was determined in the summer of 2013 that there was a gas leak at the monument.

Discussed were liability concerns, including having propane out in the open and potentially subject to tampering. Barricades around the gas were considered; so too was the issue that such barricades might take away from the look of the Cenotaph. Ultimately it was decided that more research should be conducted before coming to a decision on the matter.

Land matter

Council entered into an in-camera session regarding a land matter at 8:33 p.m., which lasted until 8:45. Motion was made from this session to sell a parcel of land at 5117 Railway Avenue at the price of $11,180 plus tax.



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