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Council was heralded in with the introduction of local Coronation teacher Dan Kinakin’s Grade 6 class at the meeting December 16, 2013 in attendance to learn about local politics.
“I appreciate this opportunity to bring a class down so they can see government in action,” Kinakin said.
The class asked questions regarding taxation, the state of the Arena’s glass and town beautification practices.

Electronic participation
Electronic participation in meetings was discussed further by Council as a carryover item from the meeting on December 2.
The idea of allowing Skype call-ins for members of Council absent from a meeting was generally accepted. In response to some discourse that this might encourage a lack of attendance, it was noted that a bylaw exists presently to ensure meetings are not missed in excess so the electronic participation would only enhance the opportunity to participate when absent.
CAO Sandra Kulyk noted that the main costs of such an endeavor would be two separate monitors to allow both council and the public gallery to see and interact with the electronic interface and a speaker system sufficient to hear clearly. It was noted that Skype is a free service that allows for video conference calling.
Council agreed to draft a policy on this and bring back figures on the cost of monitors and speakers.

Tax incentive
Bylaw No. 2013-612, the Residential Property Tax Incentive Bylaw was introduced as a point of interest, due to its status as a little-known resolution dating back to 2007. The program covers tax incentives for residential construction, whereby if a principal residence property, such as land with a new home, condo or duplex, has a dilapidated building on it’s premises, a tax rebate will be offered if this building is demolished and replaced with a new residential construction.
The rebate would freeze the property tax at the pre-construction rate for three years.
It was discussed that putting this resolution into bylaw form would make it more visible to the public and perhaps more well utilized, as at present only one person has taken advantage of the offer.
Motion to solidify the Residential Property Tax Incentive into a bylaw was carried.

Funding support
Applications for funding support for 2014 were received as of December 10, 2013 wherein local organizations outlined the amount of funding required, what projects were being worked on and whether or not funding was being received elsewhere.
Funding requests from Paintearth Community Adult Learning, Coronation Memorial Library, Coronation and District Handibus Society, Coronation Golf Club, Coronation and District Golden Age Club, CDSS and the Coronation Curling Club were all consistent with requests made for 2013.
Coronation and District Chamber of Commerce requested money for an electronic sign but no dollar amount was put in place. The Coronation Skating club requested subsidized ice time, which Council discussed was difficult for them to grant as they do not rent the ice. It was also discussed that the Skating Club pays the same rate as minor hockey – $75 per hour – thus the rate was already subsidized. Council had handed the request over to the Recreation Board who would be able to make a decision on this.
Though the information was presented during Council due to some groups requiring funding as early as January, final approval would be required by the spring budget so they could be integrated into the Town budgeting concerns.

Letter of support
Councilor Brett Alderdice brought to Council’s attention that he had received word that the Castor Cadets would like a letter of support for their desired move to Coronation. It was discussed that there were areas for them to train – such as the Golden Age Centre or Bowling Alley building – and as most Castor Cadets come from Coronation this would be a convenient central location, thus motion to draft letter was passed.

Trail of the Buffalo
Councilor Liz Adams reported information she had received during a Trail of the Buffalo phone conference on December 12. She said all participating municipalities would be receiving a refund on membership fees due to the group deciding not to hire a marketing director and all participating regions would be tasked with taking it upon themselves to market in smaller committees.
Adams noted this will remain for a year to gage successes and was largely informed by a lack of funds.
It was agreed that this may be a good move for Trail as it would get to the nucleus of what was transpiring within each community collectively rather than employing a middle man to hold sole responsibility for gathering information. Adams said she would stay on top of current events and schedules for the Town to be relayed to Trail.
One initiative being discussed for the new year includes a Rodeo Passbook – similar to a Golf Passbook – for participating communities.

It was revealed that Coronation will be hosting the Midget Hockey Provincials from March 20-23, 2014.

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