Coronation Town Council

Appointment of a Council representative to Coronation Assisted Living board was discussed at the November 12 Coronation Town Council meeting.
A new member of Council to hold this position was at issue after it was revealed that Ted McKenzie, longstanding Assisted Living board representative, wished to resign as ‘member at large’ for this committee. Councillor Liz Adams currently sits as one of the Town’s representatives on the board.
After some discussion Mayor Mark Stannard offered to be appointed as the second representative for the Town of Coronation to the Assisted Living Board. Council also motioned to reward McKenzie’s service with a commemorative pen.

Surplus funds
Motion was carried that Communities in Bloom carry over $3,073.77  surplus from their 2013 funding allocation to their 2014 budget.

Council meeting dates
Dates of Council meetings in December and January were changed to better accommodate the schedule of council members. New meeting dates are December 2 and 16, and January 13 and 27.

New bill
Council discussed Bill 28, the Modernizing Regional Governance Act.
The act was introduced by the Minister of Municipal Affairs as a way to ensure municipalities are equipped to ensure regional growth and effective partnership within regions.
CAO Kulyk noted that an email was received November 12 from John McGowan, CEO of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA), noting that the AUMA had responded to Bill 28.
“[They] immediately became involved in the working group that is reviewing it and making recommendations,” Kulyk noted, “they have appointed representatives from their board to the task force.” Kulyk noted that arrangements were made to discuss Bill 28 with Minister of Municipal Affairs Doug Griffiths at the AUMA Convention at the end of November, and added that Stannard and Deputy Mayor Jackie Brigley had participated in a teleconference with the minister on the afternoon of Friday, November 8.
Stannard noted that due to wording issues, much misconception about Bill 28 was being amplified.
“It’s amazing how many people in the communities mistook that information,” said Stannard, “they figured this was going to be a mandate that you had to take part in these boards.”
Disussion points outlined of the Bill included a move to legislate the essence of the existing Capital Region Board Regulation to continue the Board’s existence despite a recent court challenge; the validation of regulations under section 603 of the Municipal Government Act, touching upon items such as “granting exemptions to municipally controlled corporations from the Public Utilities Act to clarification on reporting of tangible capital assets,”; and the authority – but not requirement – to establish regional growth management boards in other areas of the province.
“I don’t foresee [the Bill] affecting us so much out here, right now,” said Stannard. “In the future maybe, but most things that we do we kind of work together anyway.” Kulyk noted that the current board concerning regional growth was the Intermunicipal Development Comiitee, in agreement with the County of Paintearth.

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