Coronation Senior High student awards

Coronation Senior High School awards ceremony was held at the school gymnasium on Sun. Sept. 24.

Award for a student who is attending university or college: Madison Nichols
Scholarship for highest average in grade 12, 30 level courses: Kyla Duncan
Award for highest achievement in Math 30: Simon Cole
Award for highest achievement in grade eleven: Gabriella Pasolli
Achievement Award for highest achievement in grade ten: Michael Griffiths
Discovery Award awarded to a student who is pursuing a post-secondary education in an industry-related field of interest to Inter Pipeline: Simon Cole
Scholarships for community involvement: Kyla Duncan,Tanner Eno, Morgan Leuck, Kaylea Twa
Award for CTS Shop: Jeffrey Smith
Award for CTS Foods: Courtney Elliott, Kaylea Twa
Award for outstanding achievement in CTS construction: Tanner Eno
Marilyn Suntjens Memorial Bursary for a student who demonstrates citizenship and congeniality: Kaylea Twa
Kristin Rodvang Memorial Award to a high school student who exhibits acceptance and exceptional tolerance towards others: Kylan Huber
Award for congenialityto a grade eleven student elected by students and staff who best demonstrates a congenial attitude to teachers and peers, in memory of David Nelson (1973-1990): Jeremy Burkinshaw
Travis Glazier Memorial Scholarship goes to a student who is an ally to the vulnerable and embodies leadership, honour and loyalty: Kaylea Twa
The Rodvang Family Award to a student who is planning to pursue one of the following disciplines: agriculture, earth science, environment, nursing or medicine: Kaylea Twa
The Wilhelm Krautt Scholarship: In memory of Wilhelm Krautt, who lived and farmed south of Halkirk from 1929 to his death in 1969, for the most deserving academic student in the County of Paintearth: Kyla Duncan
The Governor General’s Medal: In 1873, the Earl of Dufferin, who served as Governor General from 1872-1878, created a medal to recognize scholastic achievements.
The medal is awarded to the student who graduates with the highest standing in his or her institution. This year’s winner: Kyla Duncan
Honour Roll: Students will be placed on the Honour Roll if they have an average of 80 per cent or better in the following subjects at the same grade level: English, Social, Science and Math.
Grade 10: Wade Black, Koryn Duncan, Marylou Gilbertson, Michael Griffiths, Sydney Kubinchak, Breanna Mears, Zach Roque and Taylor Wilson
Grade 11: Richen Basig, Michael Black, Erin Brown, Rayel Copan, Sydney Elliott, Gabriella Pasolli, Cody Wadstein
Grade 12: Simon Cole, Kyla Duncan, Madison Nichols, Kaylea Twa
Achievement Roll: A student in senior high who achieves an average of 75 per cent or better in English, Social, Science and Math is to be placed on the Senior High Achievement Roll.
Grade 11: Nicolas Brigley, Jeremy Burkinshaw, Robby Gilbertson, Jaron Grice, Kylan Huber, Elizabeth Kambalafakas, Breanne Shaw
Grade 12: Courtney Elliott, Morgan Leuck, Ethan Richard, Chelsey Sieger
Athletic Awards: Most Valuable Player (MVP) Boy’s Volleyball – Adam Close; MVP Girl’s Volleyball – Kyla Duncan; MVP Boy’s Basketball – Michael Black, MVP Girl’s Basketball – Richen Basig

Honour roll, grade 10, from the left, Wade Black, Zack Rocque, Koryn Duncan, Taylor Wilson, Marylou Gilbertson and Sydney Kubinchak. (Missing: Michael Griffiths and Breanna Mears)




Honour Roll, grade 11: from the left, Gabriella Pasolli, Sydney Elliott, Michael Black, Richen Basig and Rayel Copan. (Missing: Erin Brown and Cody Wadstein)




Achievement roll, grade 11, from the left, Kylan Huber, Jeremy Burkinshaw, Robby Gilbertson, Breanne Shaw and Jaron Grice. (Missing: Nicholas Brigley and Elizabeth Kambalafakas)





Achievement roll, grade 12, Chelsey Sieger







Athletics Awards

From the left, Adam Close, Most Valuable Player (MVP), boy’s volleyball; Kyla Duncan, MVP girl’s volleyball; Richen Basig, MVP girl’s basketball; Michael Black, MVP boys’s basketball. ECA Review/Submitted




Academic Achievement awards to recognize students who have distinguished themselves by academic excellence in specific academic disciplines.

Math 31: Kyla Duncan, Simon Cole
Math 30-1: Simon Cole
Math 30-2: Kaylea Twa
Math 30-3: Tanner Eno
Math 20-1: Gabriella Pasolli
Math 20-2: Adam Close
Math 20-3: Cody Wadstein
Math 10-C: Koryn Duncan
Math 10-3: Koby Welsh

English Language Arts
English 30-1: Kyla Duncan
English 30-2: Jillian Waltham
English 20-1: Richen Basig
English 20-2: Cody Wadstein
English 10-1: Michael Griffiths
English 10-2: Kendle Martin

The Sciences
Chemistry 30: Kyla Duncan
Biology 30: Kyla Duncan
Physics 30: Gabriella Pasolli
Chemistry 20: Gabriella Pasolli
Biology 20: Gabriella Pasolli
Physics 20: Gabriella Pasolli
Science 10: Koryn Duncan
Science 14: Delaney Rock

Social Studies
Social 30-1: Kyla Duncan, Simon Cole
Social 30-2: Jillian Waltham, Daniel Mears
Social 20-1: Gabriella Pasolli
Social 20-2: Cody Wadstein
Social 10-1: Michael Griffiths
Social 10-2: Kendle Martin

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