Coronation Senior High School awards

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Recognition of outstanding achievement took place at the Coronation Senior High School awards on Sunday, September 29.
With 10 awards, Kaden Kopas was a top award earning student. He won the Clearview Teachers’ Scholarship, Sunshine Club Award, Coronation Agricultural Society Royal Rumble Scholarship, Wilhelm Krautt Scholarship, Rutherford Scholarship, Honour Roll, and Certificates of Academic Achievement for Math, English, Physics and Chemistry.
Tori Canadine received nine honours, including Inter Pipeline Fund Discovery Award, Royal Rumble Scholarship, Rodvang Family Award, Rutherford Scholarship, Governor General’s Medal, Honour Roll, and Certificates of Academic Achievement in Math, Biology and Social Studies.
Blanca Checkel won three awards, including Coronation Elk’s Award, a Rutherford Scholarship and Honour Roll.
Cody Wales won the Principal’s Award and Academic Achievement in Chemistry, Physics, and Social Studies.
Brett Canadine won the Anderson Family Achievement Award, Honour Roll, and Academic Achievement in Math and Social Studies.
The N.H.I. Agencies Award went to Michael Green, who also won the Travis Glazier Memorial Scholarship and Rutherford Scholarship.
Colton Black won the Floyd O’Toole Award for Shop, the David Nelson Memorial Award and Honour Roll.
Additional award winners for the Royal Rumble Scholarship included Dallas Creasy, Geoff Smith and Erin Tellier.
The Floyd O’Toole Awards for CTS Foods was awarded to Kaitlyn Tange.
Marilyn Suntjens Memorial Bursary went to Sam Hewitt.
Additional Rutherford Scholarships went to Gerene Cole, Taylor Eno, Layne Barth, Geoffrey Smith, Erin Tellier, Lihan Tolmie, Tarisa Golby and Karlee Marquart.
Additional Senior High Honour Roll winners included Payton Butterwick, Kyle Close, Cole Elliott, Chelsey Gerber, Bobby Gilbertson, Ashley Golby, Jalycia Huber, Zeke Leuck, Libby Thompson and Jenna Wuzinski in grade 10.
Grade 11 winners included Courtney Crookes, Garnet Crookes, Cassidy Gardiner, Kacie Golby, Karli Plehnert, Eric Rodvang, Corey Twa and Cody Wales. An additional grade 12 winner was Gerene Cole.
Senior High Achievement Roll included Tanner Black and Brooke Lindmark in grade 10, Daniel Brown and Austin Gilbertson in grade 11 and Teesha Bossert in grade 12.
Athletic Awards went to Corey Twa (MVP Boy’s Volleyball), Kaitlyn Tange (MVP Girl’s Volleyball), Gerene Cole and Eric Rodvang (MVP Boy’s Basketball) and Caylen Belcourt (MVP Girl’s Basketball).
Academic Achievement in Mathematics also went to Teesha Bossert, Garnet Crookes, Kelly Fiedler, Ashley Dabbs, Victoria Ross-Torres, Brett Canadine and Dylan Goddu.
Academic Achievement in English was received also by Layne Barth, Courtney Crookes, Ory Butterwick, Zeke Leuck and Caroline Stone.
Academic Achievement in the Sciences was received in turn by Garnet Crookes (two awards), Garnet Crookes, Kelly Fiedler and Jenna Wuzinski.
Academic Achievement in Social Studies was also awarded to Teesha Bossert, Ashley Dabbs, Brett Canadine and Caroline Stone.

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