Coronation School playground installed with rave reviews

Students take their first test run of the recently installed playground equipment called the ‘Beehive’ at Coronation School. ECA Review/Submitted

The students at Coronation School are no longer lacking any outdoor equipment after the Friends of the Coronation School Society were able to raise enough funds for a new playground.

The final installation includes a swing set, the beehive, and other styles and structures for the children to utilize.

Initially, the swings and a few other pieces of equipment were removed about three years ago because of updated safety regulations in which the current equipment wasn’t adhering to.

Since they were taken, the society knew this was important to have better equipment installed to ensure children have these structures for development and entertainment.

Most playgrounds have a focus on certain ages so the society made a goal of addressing all age groups as best they could.

“We wanted to create an environment that was more encompassing for more of the ages that are in our elementary school and the swings were a big component to that because it’s an integral part of your childhood,” said Lynette Waltham, Friends of the Coronation School Society president.

A couple of teachers who sit on the board gave insight as to what children liked the best, expanding on some of those topics to determine what kinds of equipment was needed to keep children engaged.

“I haven’t heard any bad things,” said Waltham.

Once done, they applied for the CFEP Grant (Community Facility Enhancement Program) in January.

No word came back from the grant by the time they were ready to put money down so they paid for the equipment they knew they could afford.

One large piece was taken off the order called the ‘BeeHive’.

Finally, the grant had come through so the school group was able to purchase the Bee Hive as well as everything else.

In total, the cost for the new equipment including installation costs was in the ballpark of $143,153.

Ten thousand dollars in seed money was given.

“With all of our grants, we raised over $133,000,” said Waltham.

This project has taken two years to complete from raising funds to the actual installation of the playground.

A grand opening is in the works but has yet to have a scheduled date.


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