Coronation school drama class production

A small Coronation Drama class, from the left, John Hewitt, Marylou Gilbertson, Zackary Rocque and Sydney Kubinchak each wrote a script on a topic they are passionate about and will perform the four plays at the end of the month. ECA Review/Submitted

Technology taking over families lives, veganism running rampant, a Netflix addiction and a mysterious painting.

These are the four themes explored by the Coronation drama class in this year’s production, Fourtastic Observations.

“Each student chose a topic that they felt passionate about and then based on that, they each wrote a skit. So, what we have are four separate plays that are written and directed with my help by the students… it’s very exciting,” said Lynn Cole, high school drama teacher at Coronation School.

The four skits presented are Techno Table by Sydney Kubinchak, Cowabition by John Hewitt, Netflix Intervention by Zackary Rocque and The Painting by Marylou Gilbertson.

The students have also created special videos to be played in between each production.

The plays will take place in the main lobby of the school for two performances only.

Seats are limited making it an intimate affair. Dessert provided by the home-economics class will be served at the end of the program.

“Our class was very small this year so we needed to think outside the box. I think the audience will have a lot of fun and laughs as they see what we’ve come up with,” said Cole.

“I’m very impressed with these students and their creativity.”

This type of student-driven productions might become a regular theme for the drama program.

“It will be hard to go back to a prewritten play after this so I may look at developing more of this [kind of program] for next year,” said Cole. “It really is an opportunity to showcase what the kids can do.”

Fourtastic Observations will play on Fri. June 21 at 7 p.m. and Sat. June 22 at 1 p.m. Tickets are $10 each and are for sale now at the Coronation school office.

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