Coronation kid competes at European tourney

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Brynn Scoville of Coronation has had a trip of a lifetime after coming back to Canadian soil with a few more hockey games under his belt.

The 12-year-old peewee hockey player was given the opportunity to travel amongst 51 other excited players, parents, and coaches across Europe before entering a high-skill level tournament in Prague, Germany.

Scoville was even named assistant captain for the Canadian Cowboys team after being scouted in a league game.

The team is comprised of peewee players from western Canada.

“It was fun, it was exciting. The teams are pretty good over there. They were pretty competitive,” said Scoville.

The large group travelled through Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany from Aug. 1 – 12, earlier this year.

“It was really fun to see all the places and what they look like. It was fun to play the teams there and to play hockey in the summer,” said Scoville. “We got to meet the USA team and that was one of the only teams we got to meet there that could speak English.”

“We got to see some really interesting places that you probably wouldn’t have gone to if you hadn’t gone on something specific like that,” added Brynn’s father Rod Scoville. Rod was one of the assistant coaches during the tournament as well.

They were able to practice in the Olympic Stadium in Innsbruck, Austria which was a highlight. Innsbruck has hosted the Olympics twice; one of three locations that have ever done so since the Olympics inception.

Brynn Scoville, right, mows over one of the competitors during the peewee hockey
tournament in Prague, Czech Republic. Scoville and 51 other people took a tour across five countries in Europe and played hockey during their time there. Photo courtesy of Carrie Scoville

The team played a couple exhibition games in the Czech Republic and then spent the final five days in Prague where the tournament was held.

“The tournament had multiple age groups there so the tournament itself was huge.

The tournament reception party we went to – there was over 1,200 people at that party that were players, coaches and families there for the tournament,” described Rod.

A guide helped the team as they navigated the countries, even converting other languages to English during gameplay for the players to understand the call from referees and other officials.

The Canadian Cowboys won one game, tied another game and lost three during their time on ice.

“Not as successful as we hoped but it is a little tricky when you are playing a team out of their home rink that were there for the tournament. We went on a four-hour walking tour of Prague Castle and in 30-degree heat and then tried to play a hockey game,” said Rod.

The group of Canadians were stopped during one point of their touring as a pride parade erupted around them.

“That was an experience all on its own,” Rod laughed.

“We were in Prague and just happened to be touring this big square. They dropped us off and said ‘Okay, meet back here at 1 o’clock and go for lunch at this designated restaurant’ and it just so happened that it was the day of their gay pride parade. We were right where they were starting.

“There was definitely some eyes opened there. We weren’t in Coronation anymore, put it that way. Not that there’s anything wrong with that it’s just different than what we are typically used to seeing for sure.”

The pair had a great time to say the least.

“Overall it was a really fantastic experience where you just get to play hockey and see a bunch of the world,” said Rod.


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