Coronation Fair

A Nubian dwarf kid, who was born without the use of his front legs, was wheeling himself around at the petting zoo during the Coronation fair on Aug. 17.  ECA Review/D.Clark

The petting zoo, horse show, baby show, bench show and bullarama were just a few of the events for the entire family at this year’s Coronation fair held in Coronation on Aug.  16 and 17.

April Wiebe of Edmonton had the most points by one exhibitor at the 56th Coronation fair with the Wiebe family acquiring the most points by one family.

Additional winners are as follows:

Art section
Painting oil or acrylic landscape winner: Nadine Almberg
Most points on a medium other than a canvas winner: Nadine Almberg
Most points in adult art winner: Bronwen Bussing
Children painting 6 yrs and under winner: Jacey Hagen
Children’s painting 7 – 11 year winner: Vanessa Kuziw
Children’s drawing black and white in charcoal, pen or ink winner: Shaelynn Tabish
Most points in junior art winner: Lauryn Perry

Junior classes:
Sunrise/sunset, landscape, wild animals, birds/insects and most points in junior photography winner: Karly Ramsay
Tame animals and top junior photo winner: Dawson Wiebe
Adult classes:
Sunrise/sunset, photo story and most points adult photography winner: Nadine Almberg
Skyscape winner: Glen Kowalsky
Portraits, children and top adult photo winner: April Wiebe
Tame animals winner: Lorna Switzer

Home Economics
Most points canning classes 11 – 17 and 18 – 29, most points cooking classes 11 – 22, 23 – 29 and 30 – 41, raspberry jam, any chiffon cake three dinner rolls, best dessert made with homegrown apples, most points in yeast baking, most points in adult cooking and most points in adult home economics winner: April Wiebe
Most points canning classes 1 – 10 winners: (tie) Carrie Scoville and Nadine Almberg
Most points cooking classes 1 – 10 and most points disabled home economics winner: Angie Evans
Dilled pickles winner: Nadine Almberg
Canned tomatoes winner: Robin Amber Cole
Three ginger snaps and three muffins (not bran) winner: Kathy Rock
Most points over 80 home economics winner: Bill Bullick
Junior (12 and under):
Three peanut butter cookies and decorated cake winner: Alexis Perry
Three baked chocolate chip cookies winner: Kayla MacGougan
Three muffins winner: Dharma Cook
Lunchbox winner: Reid Hickman
Cookiegram winner: Addison Sedville
Junior cooking (16 and under):
Most points junior cooking, three baked squares and three decorated cupcakes winner: Hayden Regnier
Three peanut butter cookies and decorated cake winner: Lauryn Perry

Needlework and hobbies
12 Years and under:
Best entry winner: Reid Hickman Collection and woodworking winner: Reid Hickman
Lego winner: Jordan Glasier
Recycled Articles winner: Aislynn Stonehouse
16 Years and under:
Best entry winner: Lauryn Perry
Most points winner: Hayden Regnier
Woodworking winner: Jaron Nelson

Hobbies and handicrafts
Most adult points winner: (tie) Wayne Richardson and Mrs. Gordon Saunders
Most points over 80 winner: Susan Wilson
Most points disabled winner: Angie Evans
Woodwork winner: Wayne Richardson
Recycled winner: Laurie Bulllick

Most outstanding entry adult, crocheted afghan and most points in crocheting winner: Mary Jane Lowis
Most points in adult needlework winners: (tie) Rhonda Blais and Mary Jane Lowis
Quilt or comforter winner: Jean Checkel
Outstanding quilt (judge’s choice) winner: Mrs. Gordon Saunders
Outstanding entry over 80 knitting and crocheting winner: Catherine Wiechnick
Most points in sewing and embroidery classes 33 – 45 winner: Chantal B.

Most points in horticulture, salad bowl, most points in flower classes and song title in flowers winner: Diane Elliott
Outstanding entry in horticulture (judge’s choice): Laurie Bullick for the rose bush
Most points in vegetable classes, classes 1 – 5, best potato classes 23 – 27 (judge’s choice) and vegetable display winner: Shauna Lee Thomas
Most points in vegetable classes 30 – 34 winner: Angie Evans
Most points in vegetable classes 6 – 14 winners: (tie) Bubbles Bullick and April Wiebe
Three red tomatoes, bouquet of annual flowers, sweat pea – six spikes and fruit classes 6 – 10 winner: Bubbles Bullick
Three peppers and collection of five herbs winner: Robin Amber Cole
Onions, three bulbs from sets winner: Gilbert Anderson
Onions, three bulbs from seed winner: Dave Anderson
Most points flower classes 33 – 39 and best rose in fair classes 23 – 26 winner: Laurie Bullick
Most points flower classes 27 – 32 winners: (tie) Diane Elliott, Tracy Checkel and Hayden Regnier
Most points flower classes 11 – 22 winners: (tie) Jeannette Dobovich, Peggy Dummett and Bubbles Bullick
Mini arrangement winner: Hayden Regnier
Bouquet of perennial flowers winner: Tracy Checkel
Bouquet of sweet peas with filler and strawberries winner: Peggy Dummett
Gladiolus – one spike winner: Marie Woody
Dahlia, three blooms under five inches winner: Tammy Pengelly
Most points fruit classes winners: (tie) Anna Rodvang and Bubbles Bullick
Fruit classes 1 – 5 winner: Anna Rodvang
Most points potted plants winners: (tie) Deb Campbell and Laurie Bullick
Potted plants 8 – 14 winners: (tie) Susan Wilson, Daryl Perry, Hayden Regnier and Laurie Bullick
Potted plants 1 – 7 winner: Deb Campbell
16 years and under:
Mini arrangement winners: (girl) Payton Elliott and (boy) Kade Corey
Collection of wild flowers and grasses winner: Alexis Perry
Largest sunflower winners: (girl) Cloe Thomas and (boy) Cole Thomas
Largest zuchinni winners: (girl) Riley Cook and (boy) Cole Thomas
Centrepiece of vegetables winners: (girl) Avianna Corey and (boy) Braxton Bussing
Vegetable display winner: (girl) Katelyn Thomas and (boy) Cole Thomas
Mutt and jeff vegetable winners: (girl, tie) Tenly Cook and Georgia Bussing and (boy) Dawson Wiebe
Fairy garden winner: Dawson Wiebe

4-H Record book competition
Junior winners: Layton Perry and Vanessa Hadwin
Intermediate winner: Jessica Hadwin
Senior winner: Sydney Elliott

School section
Outstanding entry grades 1 – 3 winner: Mena Watson
Outstanding entry grades 4 – 6 winners: (tie) William Ross-Torres and Andria Nelson
Outstanding entry grades 7 – 9 winner: William Stahl
Handwriting best grades 1 – 2 winner: Zoe McLean
Handwriting best grades 3 – 5 winner: Graham Goodbrand
Original fiction classes 26 – 31, best story grades 1 – 6 winners: (tie) Cypress Bruneau and Zoe McLean
Outstanding entry poetry grades 1 – 3 winner: Brady Selzler
Outstanding entry poetry grades 4 – 6 winner: Sydney Richardson
Essays class 8, grade 1 winners: (tie) Ryder Williamson, Liam Steele, Ava Waltham and Shea Faber
Essays class 9, grade 2 winners: (tie) Lynn Hewitt, Zoe McLean and Laura Goodbrand
Essays class 10, grade 3 winner: Sam Richardson
Essays class 14, grade 7 – 9 winner: Meadow Cole
Reports class 16, grade 1 winner: Anne Bruneau
Reports class 17, grade 2 winners: (tie) Zoe McLean, Brady Selzler and Mena Watson
Reports class 19, grade 4 winner: Hailey Neal
Reports class 20, grade 5 winner: Russell Goodbrand
Reports class 22, grade 7 – 9 winners: (partners) Lauryn Perry and Katrina Schmidt
Book reports class 42, grade 4 winner: Julie Richardson
Book reports class 45, grade 6 winner: Katelyn Thomas

Sheaf classes
Wheat winner: Jordan Glasier
Oats winner: Ryan Glasier
Feed wheat winner: Eric Rodvang

Forage crop
Annual forage crop winner: Haley and Cloe Neal
Slough grass winner: Nolan Creasy

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