Coronation Fair winners circle

Elaine Towns took the prize for most points in adult art at the Coronation Fair, Aug. 19 with Abby Schetzsle earning the prize for the most points in junior art.
Bubbles Bullick took the prize for most points on a medium other than canvas.
In children’s art, Milan Cuthbert, Tegan Younger, Abby Schetzsle and Vanessa Kuziw were awarded prizes.


Karly Ramsay won most points in junior photography while Rayanna Ramsay took the prize for the top junior photo.
Karly won first with of the sunrise/sunset, children, wild animals, birds/insects, tame animals and photo story.  Rayanna won with her landscape photo.
In the adult classes most points and top photo went to Lisa Heidecker. She won in tame animals and sunrise/sunset while Lorna Switzer took the prize for skyscape and Kim Grubisic for portraits and children.

Home Economics

April Wiebe took home the prize for most points in the adult home economics section and adult cooking while Angela Evans and Sonia Smith tied for most points in yeast baking.
Angela Evans also took the award for disabled in home economics and tied for most points in one of the canning classes with April Wiebe.
Wiebe tied with Terry Tocher for most points in one of the canning classes and won three other classes in canning,
Kathy Rock and Sonja Smith won the other two canning classes for most points.
Carrie Scoville took the prize for dilled pickles, Laurie Bullick for canned tomatoes and April Wiebe for raspberry jam and dessert with home grown apples.
Kathy Rock took the prize for ginger snaps and muffins, Shirley Duncan for Chiffon cake and Terry Perry for dinner rolls.

Junior cooking

Most points in junior cooking was a tie between Sydney and Payton Elliott. Payton took first in cupcakes in the 16 & Under cooking.
In the 12 & Under cooking classes, Alexis Perry won for her chocolate chip cookies, Jace Nelson for peanut butter cookies, Ryan Glasier for muffins, Lauryn Perry for a cookiegram and Adysen Walsh for a decorated cake.
Chloe Neal and Kenzie Hewitt tied first for the lunchbox class.


Most points in adult needlework was a tie between Jeanette Dobovich and Mrs. Gordon Saunders with Jane Lowis being awarded with most outstanding needlework entry.
Mrs. Gordon Saunders, Jeanette Dobovich and Tara Muhlbeier received awards in most points in sewing and embroidery classes.
Mrs. Gordon Saunders took the prize for the quilt, judges choice; Helen Pickles for her afghan, Jane Lowis for crocheting and Natalie Hewitt for outstanding entry in Over 80 knitting and crocheting.
In junior needlework and hobbies best sewing award went to Kenzie Hewitt and best bet entry in 12 & under needlework and hobbies went to 1st – Reece Montgomery; and 2nd – Kylie Hewitt.
Hana Watson, Tegan Younger, Alexis Perry and Ella Younger all took prizes.
In the 16 & under  best entry was 1st – Jolene Kleinsasser, 2nd Jilliam Waltham with Jillian Waltham taking the prize for most points in junior home economics.
Tanner Eno, Tammy Kleinsasser, Alexandra Brigley and Berit Cuthbert all took home prizes also.

Hobbies and handicrafts

Most points in adult hobbies went to Daralee Dobovich; Merrit Kropinski took the prize for most point in over 80 classes and Angela Evans for most points in the disabled classes.
Herb Kary and Laurie Bullick also took home first place ribbons in this category.

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