Coronation Fair winners 2017

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Red ribbons galore for many entries in Coronation’s 57th annual Fair Aug. 15 – 16 at the Coronation rink.




Coronation’s 57th annual Fair Aug. 15 – 16 Home Economics entry winners included:
Most points canning classes 1-10: Shiana Younger
Most points canning classes 1-10 – disabled: Angie Evans
Most points canning classes 11-17: Laurie Bullick
Most points canning classes 18-29: Jody Perry
Most points canning classes 10-29 – over 80: Bill Bullick
Most points cooking classes 1-10, 11-22, 23-29 and 30-41: Shirley Duncan
Dilled pickles: Carrie Scoville
Three ginger snaps: Judy Scoville
Any chiffon cake: Shirley Duncan
Three dinner rolls: Judy Scoville
Three muffins, not bran: Tracy Checkel
Best dessert made with homegrown apples: Sherri Hewitt
Best dessert made with homegrown apples – over 80: Sonja Smith
Most points in yeast baking: Shirley Duncan
Most points adult cooking: Shirley Duncan
Most points adult home economics: Shirley Duncan
Most points over 80 in home economics: Sonja Smith
Most points disabled home economics: Angie Evans
Junior Home Economics
Junior cooking – 12 & under
Three baked chocolate chip cookies: Addison Scoville
Three peanut butter cookies: Cloe Thomas
Three muffins: (tie) Jordan Glasier, Dylana MacGougan
Lunchbox: Isadora Schmidt
Cookiegram: (tie) Trinity Thomas, Addison Scoville
Decorated Cake: Alexis Perry
Junior cooking – 16 & under
Three baked squares: Hayden Regnier
Three decorated cupcakes: (tie) Lauryn Perry, Addison Scoville
Three peanut butter cookies: Lauryn Perry
Decorated cake: Lauryn Perry
Most points junior cooking: Hayden Regnier


Fair results
Art Section
Painting oil or acrylic landscape: Kevin Bossert
Most points on a medium other than canvas: Bubbles Bullick
Most points in adult art: Rhonda Blais
Children’s painting 6 yrs and under: Kade Corey; 7-11 yrs: Laura Goodbrand; 12-17 yrs: Lauryn Perry.
Children’s painting blk & white in charcoal, pen or ink: Shaelyn Tabish
Most points in junior art: Lauryn Perry

Amateur Photography
Junior Class
Landscape: Sean Gallant
Children: Karly Ramsey
Bird, insects, etc.: Karly Ramsey
Most points junior photography: Karly Ramsey
Top junior photo: Karly Ramsey
Adult Class
Sunrise/Sunset: Karen Jones
Skyscape (other than class 1): Donna Glasier
Portraits: Karen Jones
Children: Karen Jones
Tame animals: Karen Jones
Photo story: Donna Glasier
Most points adult photography: Karen Jones
Top adult photo: Azusa Watson

Junior Needlework and Hobbies
12 years & under
Collection: (tie) Tenly Cook, Ryan Glasier, Bentley Williamson
Lego: Jordan Glasier
Bead work: Reid Hickman
Woodworking: Breya Cook
Crocheting: Ella Younger
Best sewing entry classes 3, 5, 14: Kenzie Hewitt
Best entry junior needlework & hobbies: 1st: Haley Dane, 2nd: Julie Hewitt
16 yrs & under
Woodworking: Lauryn Perry
Best sewing entry classes 26, 30, 31, 36, 37, 47, 54: Hailey Tabish
Best entry junior: Reid Hickman

Hobbies and Handicrafts
Woodwork: Tanner Eno
Recycled article: Glen Kowalsky
Birdhouse: Frans Bouman,
Most points adult: Linda Bossert
Most points – over 80: (tie) Dorothy Jorgenson, Susan Wilson
Most points – disabled: Angie Evans

Quilt or comforter (adult): Colleen Tabish
Best adult quilted wall hanging: Yumiko Suzuki
Outstanding adult quilt (Judges choice): Melanie Robertson
Crocheted afghan (adult): Judy Scoville
Most points adult crocheting: Jane Lowis
Most points adult knitting: Lea Weisser
Outstanding entry knitting and crocheting – over 80: Anna Rodvang
Most points in sewing & embroidery (classes 33-45): 1st: Chelsea Setter, 2nd: Colleen Tabish
Most points in adult: Jane Lowis
Most outstanding entry: Colleen Tabish

Potted plants classes 1-7: Jean Checkel
Potted plants classes 8-14: Diane Elliott
Most points potted plants: Jean Checkel
Strawberries: Gilbert Anderson
Fruit classes 1-5: Diane Elliott
Fruit classes 6-10: Gilbert Anderson
Most points fruit classes: Gilbert Anderson
Dahlia – 3 blooms under 5 inches: Bubbles Bullick
Gladiolus – 1 spike: Marie Woody
Sweet Pea – 6 spikes: Tracy Checkel
Best rose in Fair classes 23-26: 1st: Laurie Bullick, 2nd: Laurie Bullick
Bouquet of sweet peas with filler: Peggy Dummett
Bouquet of annual flowers: Arlana Glazier
Bouquet of perennial flowers: Ron Checkel
Mini arrangement: 1st: Laurie Bullick, 2nd: Hayden Regnier
Most points flower classes 11-22: Bubbles Bullick
Most points flower classes 27-32: (tie): Angie Evans, Arlana Glazier, Laurie Bullick, Ron Checkel
Most points flower classes 33-39: Laurie Bullick
Most points in flower classes: Laurie Bullick
Collection of 5 herbs: Laurie Bullick
Onions 3 bulbs from seed: Gilbert Anderson
Onions 3 bulbs from sets: Gilbert Anderson
3 peppers: Laurie Bullick
Squash (Winter): Gilbert Anderson
3 red tomatoes: Bubbles Bullick
Vegetable display: Shauna Lee Thomas
Salad Bowl: Laurie Bullick
Best Potato classes 23-27 (Judges choice): Shauna Lee Thomas
Most points vegetable classes 1-5: Shauna Lee Thomas
Most points vegetable classes 6-14: Shauna Lee Thomas
Most points in vegetable classes: Shauna Lee Thomas
Outstanding entry in horticulture (Judges choice): Tricia Elliott
Most points in horticulture: Laurie Bullick

Junior Horticulture 16 yrs & under
Mini arrangement: Girl- Bronwen Bussing, Boy- Reid Hickman
Collection of wild flowers & grasses: Ryan Glasier
Flower arrangement: Teegan Younger
Largest sunflower: Girl- Katelyn Thomas, Boy- Reid Hickman
Largest pumpkin: Girl- Kayla MacGougan, Boy- Kade Cooper
Largest zucchini: Girl- Bronwen Bussing, Boy- Tyson Sapracolle
Centrepiece of vegetables: Girl; Maddy Bromley, Boy- Braxton Bussing
Vegetable display: Girl: Cloe Thomas, Boy- Cole Thomas
Mutt & Jeff vegetables: Girl- Riley Cook, Boy- Ryan Glasier
Fairy garden: Payton Elliott
4-H Record Book Competition
Juniors: Layton Perry
Intermediate: 1st: Lauryn Perry, 2nd: Payton Elliott
Seniors: Sydney Elliott

School Section
Outstanding entry Gr. 1-3: (tie) Ava Waltham, Riley Beulow
Outstanding entry Gr. 4-6: (tie) Tanielle Ulseth, Philip Akindipie
Outstanding entry Gr. 7-9: Mya Cole
Handwriting best Gr. 1-2: Ava Waltham
Handwriting best Gr. 3-5: Julie Richardson
Original fiction classes 26-28, Best story Gr. 1-3: Chloe Neal
Original fiction classes 29-31, Best story Gr. 4-6: Graham Goodbrand
Outstanding entry poetry Gr. 1-3: Easton Carfantan
Essays class 8, Gr. 1: 1st: Raynah Richardson, 2nd: Ava Webber
Essays class 9, Gr 2: 1st: (tie) Chloe Neal, Ava Waltham and Carter Stannard, 2nd: (tie) Shea Faber and Ella Younger
Essays class 10, Gr. 3: 1st: Trinity Thomas, 2nd: Micaiah Webber, 3rd: Laryssa Huber.
Reports class 16, Gr. 1: 1st: Cole Thomas, 2nd: Ava Webber and Hadley Faber
Reports class 17, Gr. 2: 1st: (tie) Chloe Neal, Easton Carfantan and Ryder Williamson, 2nd: Shea Webber, 3rd: Gwen Richardson.
Reports class 18, Gr. 3: 1st: Cypress Bruneau, 2nd: Micaiah Webber.
Reports class 22, Gr. 7-9: 1st: (tie) Carla Burge and Bradley Goodbrand, 2nd: (tie) Brooklyn Sherbo and Keaton Shipton.
Book reports class 44, Gr. 5: 1st: Kylie Hewitt, 2nd: Teegan Selzler
Book reports class 45, Gr. 6: Daniel Stahl
Book reports class 46, Gr 7-9: Bradley Goodbrand
Animal pictures class 48 kindergarten: 1st: (tie) Kate Buelow and Bella Bowen, 2nd: (tie) Keaton Wakefield and Blakely Lundy, 3rd: (tie) Ancie Haugen and Julianna Beblow.
Animal pictures class 49, Gr. 1: 1st: Lincoln Glazier, 2nd: Avery Dawson, 3rd: Muller Viljoen.
Animal pictures class 50 Gr. 2: 1st: Ava Waltham, 2nd: Chloe Neal, 3rd: Tanton Pengelly
Animal pictures class 51 Gr. 3: 1st: Taylor Ulseth, 2nd: Mena Watson, 3rd: Josh Barker
Animal pictures class 52 Gr. 4: 1st: Brielle Eamer, 2nd: Melissa Stahl, 3rd: Teegan Cotter
Animal pictures class 53 Gr. 5: 1st: Tanielle Ulseth, 2nd: Westin Goldsmith
Animal pictures class 54 Gr. 6: 1st: Andria Nelson, 2nd: Lane Johnson
Animal pictures class 55 Gr. 7-9: Nathan Stahl
Landscape class 68, Gr. 2: Ava Waltham
Action picture class 77, Gr. 3: Elias Waldner
Machines class 86, Gr. 4: Peter Stahl
Stitchery class 258, Gr. 2: 1st: Ava Waltham, 2nd: Raymond McCullough, 3rd: Chloe Neal
Notebooks class 305, Gr. 1: 1st: Nikki Chao, 2nd: (tie) Dylanna MacGougan and Rayna Richardson, 3rd: Bronwyn Bussing and Hadley Faber
Notebooks class 306, Gr. 2: 1st: (tie) Ava Waltham, Owen Heidecker and Reid Hickman, 2nd: Shea Faber
Notebooks class 307, Gr. 3: 1st: Cypress Bruneau, 2nd: Trinity Thomas
Notebooks class 309, Gr. 5: 1st: Sydney Richardson, 2nd: Cloe Thomas
Notebooks class 311, Gr. 7-9: 1st: Meadow Cole, 2nd: (tie) Taytum Wahl, Mya Cole

Field Crops
Wheat 1 quart sample: Jordan Glasier
Oats 1 quart sample: Ryan Glasier
Other 1 quart sample: 1st, 2nd and 3rd: Shauna Lee Thomas
Sheaf Classes
Wheat: 1st: Jordan Glasier, 2nd: Kayden Glasier, 3rd: Ryan Glasier
Barley: Layton Perry
Canola (Argentine): 1st: Riley Cook, 2nd: Kayden Glasier
Feed Wheat: Riley Cook
Forage Crops
Sheaf Classes
Other Grass: Layton Perry
Hay Classes
Tame Grass: Isadora Schmidt
Most Points by one exhibitor: Karen Jones
Most points by one family: Jody, Lauryn, Layton and Alexis Perry


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