Coronation Fair 2018 top prize winners

Bailey Stone, 3, of Lake Dell, Ab. leads her pony, Starlight, in the Pony Class at the Coronation
Horse Show on Wed. Aug. 15 while Mom, Susann keeps close by. ECA Review/J.Webster

James Richardson and daughter, Aubree of Brownfield look at the Coronation 58th Annual Fair school entries Wed. Aug. 15 following the
pancake breakfast. ECA Review/J.Webster

Sheaves entered at the
Coronation Fair bench show.
ECA Review/J.Webster

The 58th annual Coronation Fair winners included Judy Scoville for most points by one exhibitor and the Thomas Family for the most points by one family.

Most points in Adult Art went to Natasha Viljoen and in Junior Art it was a tie between Lauryn Perry and Payton Beblow.

Most points in Junior Photography went to Karly Ramsay with the award for top junior photo to Jordan Glasier.

Most points in Adult Photography went to Donna Glasier and Top Adult Photo was awarded to Donald Osetsky.

Most points in Adult Cooking and Home Economics went to Judy Scoville.

Most points in the Over 80 category in Home Economics was Jeanette Dobovich.

Most points Disabled in Home Economics went to Angie Evans. Most points in Junior Cooking went to Payton Elliott.

Best Entry Junior Needlework/ Hobbies 12 & under: 1st – Trinity Thomas, 2nd – Noah Stelmaschuk. Best Entry Junior Needlework/Hobbies, 16 & under: 1st – Brianna Tabish, 2nd – Hailey Tabish. Most points Junior Home Economics: Brianna Tabish. Most points Adult Hobbies: Laurie Bullick.

Most points (over 80) Hobbies: Kay Bell; most points Disabled Hobbies: Angie Evans.

Outstanding Adult Quilt: Yumiko Suzuki.

Most points Adult Crocheting: Mary Jane Lowis and most points for Adult Knitting: Pat Hocking.

Outstanding Entry (over 80) Knitting/Crocheting: Betty Schmidt; and most points Sewing/Embroidery Classes 35-47: Mary Jane Lowis.

Most Outstanding Entry Adult Needlework went to Yumiko Suzuki. Most points Potted Plants: Diane Elliott; most points Fruit Classes: Bill Bullick.

Best Rose in the Fair: Peggy Dummett.

Most points in Flower Classes: Bubbles Bullick and most points in Vegetable Classes: Shauna Lee Thomas.

Outstanding Entry in Horticulture – Jean Russel and grandchildren and most points in Horticulture: Shauna Lee Thomas.

Most points in Field Crops: Jordan Glasier.

Outstanding Entry Grades 1 – 3 – Bella Heistad; Grades 4 – 6 – tie between Micaiah Weber and Nate Creasy/ Layton Perry; Grades 7 – 9 – Cora Thompson; Grades 10 – 12 – Malou Gilbertson.

Handwriting Best Grades 1 & 2 – Alexis Kirshenman; Grades 3 – 5 – Shea Faber.

Original Fiction Classes 26-28 Best Story Grades 1 – 3: Anae Bruneau; Classes 29-31 Grades 4 – 6: Payton Beblow Outstanding Entry Poetry Grades 1 – 3: Seojun Lee, Grades 4 – 6: Laryssa Huber

Outstanding Entry Original Fiction Grades 7 to 9: Ethan Blais.

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