Coronation doctor residences in limbo

The Town of Coronation/County of Paintearth Physician Recruitment & Retention Committee came to a resolution to sell two empty properties in Coronation.

The recommendation was reviewed at the County of Paintearth council meeting on Tues. Jan. 15 in council chambers.

The Town of Coronation and Paintearth both own half of the properties as a joint venture so the committee needed the County’s support of the sale to move it forward.

After deliberation, Council chose to put the older home, 5109 Imperial Ave, for sale but leave the newer home in the care of both municipalities in case of a new physician’s arrival.

There was also talk of renting the properties but the main reason for both sales was to determine which house sold first.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has taken on the responsibility of rural recruitment so the committee felt the properties weren’t needed.

“I just have concerns that maybe a year or two years from now things could change and we will be responsible for housing,” said Reeve Stan Schulmeister.

Coun. George Glazier, who sits on the recruitment and retention committee, agreed.

Paintearth Community Adult Learning Council presentation

Cindy Heidecker and Kelsey Seth of the Paintearth Community Adult Learning Council presented their annual report to Council.

They hoped to fill in some blanks and give an update on accomplishments as well as future goals the council is striving towards.

The organization focuses on adult literacy, tutoring, English language learning and tutoring, numeracy like math, basic computer skills, and foundational life skills.

Share who we are and search for champions as one of their many goals, is to instil these foundational skills.

Money management like budgeting and savings falls under the fundamental life skills category.

They do dabble in other programs the community of Paintearth County can access.

Mental Health First Aid, as well as general interest programs such as crafts, exercise activities, are a part of this list.


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