Coronation District Show and Sale 2021 Results

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There were some extremely excited 4-H members on June 1 – 2. After a two year wait and a very uncertain spring the members were finally able to show off their projects that they had worked so hard on since November.

Altario, Consort and Coronation traditionally meet in one location as a District for the competition. 

With restrictions this year the three clubs met separately having the judge, Rob Smith of Olds, Alta. go to each location to pick the winners. 

Members were judged on Grooming and Showmanship amongst just their own club. Confirmation for steers and the female classes were judged as a whole District.

Senior Showmanship and Grooming Champion was Lauryn Perry; Intermediate Showmanship Champion was Layton Perry and Showmanship Reserve was Sydney Richardson.

Intermediate Grooming Champion was Layton Perry and Reserve Champion was Braxton Bussing.

Junior Showmanship Champion was Easton Carfantan; reserve was Ava Waltham.

Junior Grooming Champion-Aval Waltham and Reserve was Kyra Wilson.

Consort 4-H Beef

The Consort 4-H Beef Club at Gooseberry Lake to see what their club had to offer. 

Congratulations to the following members:

Senior Showmanship Champion-Vanessa Hadwin reserve champion, Jessica Hadwin.

Senior Grooming Champion went to Jessica Hadwin and reserve champion is Jaren Letniak.

Intermediate Showmanship Champion-Kate Hadwin and reserve champion is Chanelle Hadwin.

Intermediate Grooming 1st-Chanelle Hadwin, 2nd Kianna Schaffer.

Junior Showmanship 1st – Gracy Hadwin, 2nd Bryce Carfantan.

Junior Grooming 1st-Navada Murray, 2nd – Gracy Hadwin.

Altario Beef Club

Senior Showmanship Champion-Kinley Baier and 2nd – Coden Kosolofski.

Senior Grooming 1st -Coden Kosolofski,2nd -Kinley Baier.

Intermediate Showmanship: 1st – Jessica Vert, 2nd – Rylan Deleff.

Intermediate Grooming Champion: 1st -Rylan Deleff, 2nd Mark Mazur.

Junior Showmanship Champion: 1st -Artem Mantsybora, 2nd – Danna Bouchard.

Junior Grooming: 1st – Danna Bouchard, 2nd – Maddie Ference.

Interclub Competition

Being that this was Altario Clubs’ year to host, the Interclub competition categories were announced from Compeer by Rob Smith on Facebook.

Congratulations to the following members:

Grand champion steer: Navada Murray, Consort; and reserve champion steer belonging to Kyra Wilson.

Champion breeding female – Danna Bouchard; reserve champion – Jessica Hadwin, Consort.

Champion yearling heifer -Jessica Hadwin, Consort; reserve yearling heifer – Kate Hadwin, Consort.

Champion 2-year-old female -Jaren Letniak, Consort; reserve 2-year-old female – Kate Hadwin, Consort.

Champion 3-year-old female -Danna Bouchard, Altario, reserve -Jessica Hadwin, Consort.

Champion herd-Jaren Letniak, Consort, reserve champion herd-Kate Hadwin, Consort.

Rate of Gain -Navada Murray.

Wraight Memorial

There were three nominees this year for the Wraight Memorial, Lauryn Perry from Coronation, Daphne Sortland from Consort and Matraca Clark from Altario. 

The award was given to Matraca Clark.

Record books

Record book competition was held using the books from the 2019 4-H year. Nancy Ference was asked to judge the books and expressed that they were “outstanding”.

Senior record book: 1st – Jessica Hadwin, Consort; 2nd-Lauryn Perry, Coronation.

Intermediate record book: 1st -Vanessa Hadwin, 2nd – Layton Perry, Coronation.

Junior record book: 1st-Kate Hadwin; 2nd-Keaton Schaffer.


The day ended for everyone with the closing of the sale on Bids started online at 9 a.m. June 1 and ended at 6 p.m. on June 2.  Not a traditional sale but at least the kids were able to see their calves sell and finish up the year showing them.

The clubs, members, leaders, and parents are looking forward to a normal 2022 4-H year!


by Stacey Peat-Baier

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