Coronation couple make case for fancy burger joint

Matthew and Chelsea Peacock presented a letter and came to Coronation council chambers Mon. June 7 to share their future plans for a modern restaurant within the community.

They requested that council consider paying for the inspection inside and on the roof, offering $5,000 for the 4905 Royal Street, the building downtown currently known as Family Restaurant, as part of the exchange.

All further renovations would be on the owners.

The 2021 assessment value for it sits at $104,720 but the building has been abandoned for approximately six years.

Council went into closed session to discuss the matter.

Once back in the public eye, they agreed to direct Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Quinton Flint to write a few letters to write a few letters to other parties to gather more information.

An emphasis has been placed on supporting local producers while supplying a venue that the community can be proud of.

“In mentioning our community, the local economy is a big drive for our vision“We have already contacted TK Ranch and discussed pricing and supply chain for their local product and are awaiting a reply from a local produce grower to ensure they are compliant with all health board standards and pricing. We would aim to employ locals of Coronation including rural dwellers with mailing addresses to the community, in town opportunity first,” stated the letter from the couple.

The pair have plenty of years of experience in the restaurant and retail industry space.

“We have three children aged thirteen, seven and six so we are heavily invested long term in the community. Since we returned home almost five years ago to provide a better family community for our children, I have heard a lot of outcry for a better restaurant establishment within our community. We aim to provide quality food, superior service and a modern, upbeat environment.”

Post-fire protocol

Following up from a prior meeting in that council asked for more information, CAO Flint delivered.

Council had requested that administration inquire into the fire call out requested by Special Areas after a large prairie fire near Spondin that required assistance from the Coronation Fire Department.

At this time, Special Areas has not requested that the insurance company cover the costs of the fire callout.

Since the policy of the department is to apply for the cost recovery of the services provided for support, administration has begun to submit the application process for the services provided to the insurance.

This will not be billed by Special Areas and will be a bill directly submitted by the municipality.

Council agreed to bill for the services to the landowner’s insurance company for $9,840.

Water Tower radio removal 

A motion was needed to ratify a recent decision to remove abandoned and outdated emergency equipment left on the Coronation water tower.

A quote was provided from a local contractor and would assist to remove all the abandoned equipment on the water tower, including some old power terminals and power cables.

To make the water tower aesthetically pleasing, administration asked to have the unused radio equipment be removed.

Council agreed to this, accepting GPS Tower Inc.’s provided quoted amount of $2,499.

The current time frame of this project would be completed within the next week to ensure the use of the scaffolding being done by the insurance contractor working on wind damage.


Terri Huxley

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