Coronation Council – Removal of coal contamination

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Coronation Council motioned to make arrangements for the disposal of contaminated soil on the parcel of land in the new Light Industrial Subdivision Development south of Petro Canada following a half hour in camera session during the special Town Council meeting on Monday, August 19.

According to CAO Sandra Kulyk, the contamination is basically coal.

Rindal Oilfield Services and Environmental Diagnostics are in charge of the cleanup.

In another motion following the in camera, the sale price for a parcel of land was reduced to  $26,316.90 as a result of reduced acreage from 3.9 to 3.25 following a survey.

The in camera session lasted 30 minutes.

In other business, a motion to have five angle parking stalls in front of the new store, Ribstone Home and Garden, 5002 Windsor Avenue was passed  5 – 1, following  research on published standards for angle parking design. Bonnie Danylyshen opposed the motion, not stating any reason.

New lines and signage will be the only cost to the town with signage costing approximately $100 to $125 each.

Town Council declined to participate in the Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED) Long-Standing Small Business Recognition and will forward the information to the Coronation Chamber of Commerce.

Council is hoping Paintearth Adult Learning will partner with them for a video conference Municipal Affairs from 6 – 9 p.m. on Monday, September 16 for prospective candidates provided by because Adult Education has the video conferencing facility in Coronation.

Mayor Elliott presented outgoing councillors, Eugene Rovensky and Dylan Bullick with gifts in recognition of time spent on council.  Both Rovensky and Bullick will be leaving at the end of August.

Municipal Affairs agreed to allow four councillors to form a quorum, rather than the five due to the absence of Bullick and Rovensky at the end of August and the one seat left open this spring when Mark Stannard resigned.

Meeting dates were adjusted as all four members have to be in attendance before a meeting can be held.

New dates are September 16, October 7 and the organizational meeting following elections will occur on October 28.

Council will host a Conflict Styles workshop by Alberta Municipal Affairs on September 23 from 5 – 9 pm.

Bullick suggested notifying those running in the municipal election as they should be included in the workshop.

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