Coronation council: OHVs already banned

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Comments from concerned residents have prompted Coronation Council to urge police to enforce by-laws forbidding the use of off-highway vehicles within the town limits.

The issue was brought to council by Councillor Dylan Bullick at the Monday, January 28 council meeting. Bullick was approached by several concerned citizens about the unsafe operation of snowmobiles within the town, including a near miss on Imperial Avenue. In that incident, a snowmobile darted across the road in front of a car, very nearly causing a collision.

“Many of these vehicles are being driven by very young people,” Bullick told council. “It would be a shame if they were involved in an accident.”

Bullick also mentioned an instance where a golf cart was driven across his front lawn.

Councillor Bonnie Danylyshyn agreed with Bullick, stating that the issue was not only “annoying” but also a safety issue.

While she acknowledged that concerns did exist, Mayor Dawna Elliot stated that most of the off-highway vehicle operators in town were responsible and often found direct routes out of town via back lanes. Councillor Bullick observed that many residents used off-highway vehicles as a means of daily transportation around town.

CAO Sandra Kulyk informed council that a by-law prohibiting the use of off-highway vehicles within the town limits was on the books regardless of their licensing or insurance status, but rarely enforced The exception, according to Kulyk, are quads fitted with blades for the purposes of snow removal — and only after seeking written permission from the town. Kulyk observed that the by-law also, oddly enough, specifically permits the use of motorized watercraft within town limits.

Kulyk stated at the meeting that she will be furnishing the Coronation RCMP detachment with a copy of the by-law and encourage them to enforce it.





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