Coronation Council: Land purchase for fire department

Coronation town council discussed the potential acquisition of land north of the fire hall during its regular meeting on June 10.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Quinton Flint highlighted that securing this land would prevent future operational restrictions and ensure that the town would be well prepared for any future expansion, preventing any restrictions to the department’s operations and growth.

The land, available at a negotiable low value, would enable the fire department to construct a drive-through-style building due to access of a back alleyway.

Additionally, the new land could serve as a dedicated area for fire training exercises, ensuring that the fire department had the necessary resources to maintain a high standard of readiness and safety.

Council passed a motion to allow town administration to engage in negotiations for the land purchase.

Bill 20
Council revisited discussions on Bill 20, the Municipal Affairs Statutes Amendment Act, 2024 and a letter from the Minister of Municipal Affairs Ric McIver.

The letter was in regard to the proposed changes by the Local Authority Elections Act (LAEA) which called for more transparency and collaboration with municipalities to maintain municipal autonomy.

The letter also addressed campaign finance regulations and rules for local political parties.

“There is a lot of push back from a lot of community groups and municipalities,” noted CAO Flint. The Alberta Government has since made amendments to Bill 20 however council agreed that a letter would reaffirm opposition to the bill.

Council passed a motion to send a letter to the Government of Alberta requesting they rescind Bill 20, the Municipal Affairs Statutes Amendment Act.

Free swimming
Council approved the continuation of free swimming during the annual fair in August.  Historically, the town has supported free swimming for a day during the fair, and as noted it resulted in excellent turnout and community enthusiasm.

“I think it is a really good thing,” exclaimed Deputy Mayor Ron Checkel.

Coun. Brett Alderdice supported the motion, suggesting it be included in the fair policy.

PEP membership
On April 16, the Town of Coronation was approved as a member of the Palliser Economic Partnership (PEP) Board .

Participation in the PEP Board involves regional economic development initiatives with municipalities in the Medicine Hat and Brooks region. Meetings are held out of town and typically last between three and six hours.

Concerns were raised by the council over the time commitment and cost.

CAO Flint verified that mileage was paid for by PEP and agreed to talk to them about the possibility of utilizing online meetings.

Council appointed Coun. Cody Hillmer as the main PEP representative and Deputy Mayor Ron Checkel as the alternate.

Cheryl Bowman
Multimedia Reporter
ECA Review

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