Coronation Council: Greater control of spending requested

A request from Paintearth Regional Waste Management (PRWM) to review document updates and membership agreement, specifically reducing percentage of member approval required for expenditures and increasing authorized spending amount, was discussed at the regular Coronation council meeting on April 29.

In a Request for Decision from the County of Paintearth dated March 5 it was requested that council approve to reduce the approval threshold of members required for expenditures to 75 per cent from the current 80 per cent and to increase the amount that PRWM is authorized to spend above the current limit of $10,000.

Paintearth Regional Waste Management expressed that the current threshold creates issues with approving community grants at the Board of Directors level.

It also allows member municipalities to withhold consent to purchase new equipment or enter into contracts with a value of $10,000 or more, which they believe weakens the efficacy of the Board’s ability to achieve its objectives.

“How often have they been hindered by council for any project that they have been trying to do?” questioned Mayor Matthew Peacock,  “Why do they need this? I would like to know where they think this caps out at?”  he wondered.

PRWM Board of Directors met o Jan. 29 and approved the 2023/24 Operating and Capital Budget.  In it, 80 per cent membership approval is required for budget expenditures exceeding $10,000 as stated in the Unanimous Members Agreement (UMA) signed by all members in 1996.

The PRWM Board of Directors, upon a review of the UMA, suggested that the approval processes, as stipulated, require a significant majority agreement for financial decisions impacting the group and advised initiating discussions to update the terms and conditions of the Membership Agreement and other related documents to reflect current needs and practices.

Deputy Mayor Ron Checkel noted that it should stay at 80 per cent as it is there “to protect the municipalities” and “if it’s a good program and benefits the whole county everybody would agree to it.”

The PRWM Corporation comprises five members: four municipalities and the Corporation itself. At present the current division of costs per member is allocated as Halkirk at 3.28 per cent, Coronation at 25.8 per cent, Castor at 20.32 per cent and Paintearth at 50.60 per cent.

It was noted that Castor and The County of Paintearth have approved the motion.

A meeting of CAOs and the chair from member municipalities is proposed by PRWM to discuss necessary updates, with specific focus on adjusting outdated clauses and enhancing clarity on member obligations and rights, with particular attention to financial approval thresholds.

It was also asked that disbursement of the annual grant from PRWM to the Paintearth Economic Partnership Society (PEPS) be done in a timely manner, pending required member approvals.

Coun. Brett Alderdice motioned to table both requests to allow CAO Quinton Flint to gather more information on the cap and get more context of the proposals.

Tax rate bylaw
Administration has recalculated the new Tax Rate bylaw amount to reflect the requested $700.00 for the minimum tax portion. Also adjusted were the Alberta School Requisition and the Paintearth Lodge portions which saw a decrease and the policing portion which saw an increase.

Coun. Alderdice motioned to table the tax rate bylaw until the next regular meeting.

Operating budget tabled
Coun. Alderdice motioned to table the operating budget until the next regular meeting when more council members would be in attendance.

Cheryl Bowman
Multimedia reporter
ECA Review

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