Coronation council embraces new community society for enhanced local engagement

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Coronation council approved a proposal to create a community society during their Aug. 14 meeting.

Coun. Matthew Peacock spoke to council in support of the community society. The society would focus on establishing a dedicated Community Society responsible for organizing various community events and programs. These efforts are designed to strengthen the sense of community and contribute to essential local projects.

“It takes a lot of onus off the town,” said Peacock, who explained the society would be able to help the town with some of the existing events like the haunted house.

Peacock also explained that the society would be looking for sponsorship for the society, which could be used for grand prizes. He explained that while Coronation Bucks are good, some other grand prizes may get more youth involved, such as having someone sponsor a PlayStation5 as a youth prize.

At this point, the society is not asking for money from the town; instead, they are requesting council waive fees for event rentals, cooperation with street closures and the approval to create the society.

“People are interested in being on the board,” said Peacock. “People are ready to go.”

The society is also looking at bringing other boards and societies together to support local businesses and attract people to the area.

Council has agreed that the society would benefit the community and help bring more people to the community.

“You don’t have to go away from town to have fun on a long weekend,” said Peacock.

Asbestos removal 
Council has approved removing asbestos-containing materials at 4818 Norfolk Ave and 4717 Imperial Ave.

“We were able to get a company to come out and do an abatement to remove the asbestos from the two properties,” said Chief Administrative Officer Quinton Flint.

The asbestos has been removed from the two properties, and one of the properties was more extensive than anticipated, Flint explained.

Now that the asbestos has been removed, the town plans to work with SK Welding to demolish the two properties.

Council Code of Conduct 
Council passed the Council Code of Conduct Bylaw, Bylaw No. 2023-670, which established a framework of ethical standards and guidelines which govern council.

Originally this was a policy, and now it is required to be a bylaw; the policy was revised in 2020. “So it’s exactly the same as the policy, just as a bylaw,” Flint explained.

The bylaw is in place to enforce ethical behaviour expected from council members, such as their duty to the municipality, respect for decision-making, financial interests and more.

Council agreed that the bylaw was standard and it was standard and it was passed.

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