Coronation council discuss concerns with Minor Sports group

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Ed Griffiths, representing the Minor Sports Association in Coronation, addressed comments made by the council during the previous meeting at the regular meeting held on May 8.

During the last meeting, there were some comments made by members of council. “Last meeting, it sounded like you guys had all the answers to all our issues,” Griffiths said. “And rather than choosing to approach us to work through them, it felt more like a bit of a bashing session.”

Griffiths told council that he wanted to address the statements that were made and he hopes they can work together and find solutions to the issues.

There was a comment made by Mark Stannard in a past council meeting that Griffiths addressed. “Mark made the comment that our numbers are way down,” Griffiths said. “While I would actually disagree with that.”

Griffiths explained they have one T-ball team, three out-pitch teams, two U9 girls teams, one U11 girls team, two U13 girls teams, one U15 girls team, one U17 girls team and U9 and U11 boys teams. He said that they have not had U15 and U17 boys teams in years.

He also spoke about not having hard deadlines like Stettler does as a town like Stettler knows they will have enough people to make a team.

“Then you’re telling me that you would rather we just shut it off and send our kids out of town,” Griffiths said. “ Well, that’s not helping.”

Griffiths said that by not having a hard deadline there is the possibility of making a team.

Griffiths also addressed the council’s comments about how minor sports did not seem to be in a hurry in relation to the upgrades for the ball diamonds.

Griffiths said that they have been working on getting the measurements and getting quotes for the netting and the building.

“We’re already into the ball season, so there’s only so much we can do without disrupting it any further,” Griffiths said.

Griffiths said the concern on the renovations for the bathrooms and kitchen, that it was something that needed to be dealt with, whether that means doing renovations or building new facilities.

Griffiths said that he would get some new quotes to bring to the council.

By the end of the meeting Griffiths and the council had come to an agreement that they would continue to work together.

“In general, we’re better to work together,” Griffiths said.

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