Contractor unable to complete sidewalk work until spring

Bryan Passifiume
ECA Review Reporter

A contractor is ‘sorry’ that they weren’t able to complete the Castor sidewalk project this year.   Olsen Construction and Consulting submitted a letter to Castor town council, apologizing for not being able to complete contracted concrete improvements by the end of the 2012 construction season. The letter was submitted during the regular council meeting on September 24.

Dean Olsen, General Manager of Olsen Construction, stated that due to downsizing they weren’t able to spare the manpower necessary to complete the work. The work, which consisted of replacing sidewalks, was expected to be completed by the fall. The crew that had been scheduled to carry out the work, which consisted of various concrete improvements around the town, were still attached to a project in Wainwright that ended up taking longer than anticipated.   The problem with starting concrete work at this time of year, according to Olsen, are night time curing temperatures. When temperatures dip below freezing, the life of newly formed concrete is severely limited and can lead to premature cracking and reduced strength.  Olsen offered to complete the work immediately in the spring at no extra cost to the municipality.
Lift station
The plan to review Castor’s wastewater lift station was given council’s blessing, even though the money to pay for the report won’t be available until next year’s budget.  During the regular meeting of council on September 24, a proposal was received from BSEI Consulting Engineers to review the town’s main lift station, and prepare a report outlining suggested upgrades and improvements. A lift station receives municipal wastewater and transfers it into a holding lagoon ensuring a smooth, single-direction flow of sewage from house to treatment facility. The engineering firm will evaluate the current equipment and infrastructure and assess the overall health of the facility.
The firm will also ensure that the lift station meets current provincial and municipal guidelines and will provide estimates for any repairs or upgrades that may be required.
Council agreed that the report is a good use of the municipality’s resources, and will seek grant assistance to cover the $24,500 cost of the report. The report will be included in next year’s municipal budget.

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