Consort RCMP August/September police report

Written by City Media

Consort RCMP responded to 93 calls for services within Special Areas 4 during the month of August and 111 during the month of September, 2013.
In August, there was one fatal traffic collision and one fatal off-road collision, eight collisions with merely property damage, one count of impaired operation of a motor vehicle and 18 provincial traffic violations issued. Also notable in August was one instance of assault, one instance of theft under $5,000, one theft of cattle over $5,000, and two counts of fraud less than $5,000.
September saw violation numbers rise across the board. The amount of traffic collisions with property damage only rose to 15, and the amount of provincial traffic violations issued rose to 21, and there were three instances of impaired operation of a motor vehicle.
One instance of possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose was recorded, as well as two assaults, one break-and-entry of a residence, one theft of a truck and one count of fraud less than $5,000.

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