Conduct of officials not addressed?

Dear Editor,
Just a short response to the comments made by Deputy MacLeod on his recent FACEBOOK post.
I approached Village of Morrin CAO Annette Plachner as per Procedural By-law #352 and requested time in the Sept. 20, 2017 regular meeting of council to respond to the recent FACEBOOK postings of Deputy Mayor David MacLeod.
CAO Plachner “advised that Municipal Government Offices do not address topics from Social Media, Facebook etc. If you have an issue with them perhaps you should speak to the Administrator of the Web site.”
Could this also imply that Municipal Government Offices, as well, do not address topics such as the conduct of Municipal Government officials?
Interestingly, CAO Plachner did not provide me with the documentation substantiating her claim so going forward I would be completely informed so as to share this regulation with others.
The entire theme of the Deputy Mayor’s post was to malign and marginalize [at times resorting to name calling] those who he refers to in his post who have sought to approach Morrin Village Council and administration with what they consider legitimate concerns and requests and in many cases rightful access to documents.
He indicates that this [theme] approach is entirely appropriate in “doing what is best for the Village”.
His method in dealing with the concerns presented by these persons he highlights in his post is to consider their concerns, make a determination and rule the matter closed or resolved (term usually documented in meeting minutes). More ‘the rule than the exception’ is there any toleration of further discussion.
Deputy MacLeod champions the efforts of the Village council, administration and their ‘reporter’ [they all should be prepared to take individual responsibility for their actions and decisions] while ignoring and denigrating the efforts of those individuals who want their democratic rights upheld.
He is very clear in his opinions as to the motives of the persons he maligns.
However, these are indeed only opinions as at no time does he offer any documentation that would indicate any fact.
In conclusion, I concede that the Village finances are being taken care of very well and I am most appreciative of that. However, this is only a part of the responsibility these local officials have in serving the Village.

Some food for thought.
Democracy, in its worst case, could be two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner. Liberty, in its best case, is an armed, well-trained lamb contesting the vote.

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

Howard Helton
Morrin, Ab.

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