Concerns over proposed procedural bylaw expressed

Donna and Gerard Fetaz joined Paintearth County council during a regular meeting, on May 1, to discuss their concerns with the proposed procedural bylaw, specifically the allotment of time given to a presentation and delegation.
“We are trying to be positive moving forward,” spoke Donna Fetaz, “There needs to be more communicating, encouraging collaboration.”
“In this council, and the previous, the two terms I have been on we have never cut anybody off,” shared Coun. Doreen Blumhagen,” When they are speaking we have never told them time is up.”
“It helps with continuity of meetings,” Chief Administrative Office, Tarolyn Aaserud, stated,” There have been times when there has been six or seven delegations.”
The procedural bylaw will be brought back to council at an upcoming meeting.

Taxation bylaw
Council passed the third and final reading of the taxation bylaw. The total assessed value of all property in the county is $1,101,475,230.
The total taxation rates are as follows:
Residential: Municipal 4.6120, Senior Foundation 0.49385, Alberta School Foundation Fund (ASFF) 2.4110
Farmland: Municipal 9.920, Senior Foundation 0.49385, ASFF 2.4110
Non-Residential: Municipal 13.7410, Senior Foundation 0.49385, ASFF 3.9540
Machinery and equipment: Municipal 13.7410, Senior Foundation 0.49385
Linear: Municipal 13.7410. Seniors Foundation 0.49385, ASFF 3.9540
Power Generation: Municipal 13.7410, Senior Foundation 0.49385
Designated Industrial Property: Municipal 0.03418

CAO Aaserud to leave county
Chief Administrative Officer Tarolyn Aaserud will be leaving the County of Paintearth, with her official last day being June 15. Aaserud accepted the CAO position for the town of Nanton.
“This is my last meeting,” CAO Aaserud shared, “I have worked with three councils since I have been here, and I have truly enjoyed my Paintearth people.
“I enjoy my people in the office, I have built a good and exceptional team,” concluded Aaserud,” I am going to miss this place dearly. It is very bittersweet. I want to thank you all. I wish you all the best.”
“Best of luck on your adventure”, said Coun. Tyrrill Hewitt to CAO Aaserud
Aaserud joined the County of Paintearth as Chief Administrative Officer in July 2009. The position has yet to be filled. Brenda Hepp, Director of Legislative Services, will be acting CAO.

RCMP Sergeant leaving
Sergeant Darcy McGunigal of the Coronation RCMP detachment joined council and gave a brief update.
One of the policing priorities, traffic safety, saw a dramatic increase to 406 traffic violations during the 2017-2018 year from 281 last fiscal year.
“That is a very strong indicator of the proactiveness from our members,” shared McGunigal, “We are getting very good value for our members.”
Sergeant McGunigal also shared with council that he will be departing from the Coronation detachment after four years of service.
“It is bittersweet for my family and I,” shared McGunigal, “I take no joy in leaving.”
Sergeant McGunigal has accepted a position at RCMP Headquarters in Edmonton, and will be transferring likely sometime in June.
“I want to thank everyone, present and past councillors, for the all support,” concluded McGunigal, “You are incredibly supportive community in terms of backing your local police. It has been a fantastic group to work with.”

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