Concerns over Lone Pine’s water license

The County of Stettler council has concerns with Lone Pine Hutterite Brethren’s groundwater license application they filed with Alberta Environment and Parks to access two wells about 15 km northeast of Stettler.
According to County of Stettler Reeve Larry Clarke, the county is allocated 1.8 million cubic meters from the Shirley McClellan Regional Water Services Commission (SMRWSC) and is more than able to accommodate additional water needs to Lone Pine Colony.
“We are concerned the water supply to adjacent, neighbouring wells may be affected if this application is approved and question the tests conducted being an accurate indication of future well delivery and performance.”
Reeve Clarke went on to say that if Lone Pine disconnects from the County of Stettler water line there will be increased maintenance costs to the county to operate the remaining lines as flushing would have to be enhanced to ensure a clean safe drinking water supply.
“A reduction in flow means water quality is harder to maintain.”
Reeve Clarke, in a Jan. 15, 2018, letter to Environment and Parks Regulatory Approvals Centre, said that in December 2016 the county had a conversation with Lone Pine Colony and informed them that additional water would be available through the county’s water lines.
Reeve Clarke added that the county wants to meet with Lone Pine Colony, or any concerned parties, to explore and consider opportunities to meet water needs.
In 2017 the county water lines supplied Lone Pine with 14,462 cubic meters of water. Lone Pine is entitled to 19,113 cubic meters and has used that much in the past.

Paving way for Buffalo View Estates
County of Stettler council unanimously gave first reading to an amendment of its landuse bylaw to rezone land from agricultural to public services that paves the way for Buffalo View Estates subdivision during their regular meeting Jan. 10.
Council will consider second reading after a public hearing is held.

Lisa Joy
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