Community voices matter

The consulting firm Urban Systems has met with a few key representatives to date, reported CAO Kim Neill to Hanna town council at their regular meeting on Tues., Sept. 13, regarding the climate change task force.
Two community open houses are scheduled, one for Sept. 20 in Hanna and one on Sept. 21 at Handhills Lake, Neill continued.
These open houses will provide all community residents with an opportunity to voice their concerns and ideas on the impacts of the shutdown of the coal mine and the generating station and any potential ideas they may have for future economic opportunities.
However, Neill indicated, there appears to be some confusion with a perception that these studies are studying climate change or supporting the provincial governments climate change plan.
The task force will be looking to change this message so people know it is important to attend these sessions to have their say and provide the consultants their ideas, opinions and concerns.

Crossbucks installed

The public works crew has installed 16 CN crossbucks on light standards in various locations around Hanna but with the main focus on 2nd Ave, reported Neill.
Administration has been in contact with Cactus Corridor Economic Development Corporation representatives to have a news release created on the All Aboard initiative and how the crossbucks fit into this initiative..
Administration will also be investigating the cost to replace the banners on Main St. with the All Aboard logo and perhaps some banners with a rail road theme for the 2017 budget.

AXIA Connect update

The municipal access agreement between the Town of Hanna and AXIA Connect has been signed by both parties, reported Neill to council on Sept. 13.  Although administration has had limited contact with AXIA representatives since council approved the access agreement on Aug. 9, AXIA has indicated they have begun discussions with ATCO Electric on the use of their overhead poles to deliver a major portion of the fibre to the premises.
This project will be AXIA’s first fibre installation in an ATCO Electric community.

Fielding Place – discounted lots

Administration has concerns following their review of the discounted lot idea brought forth by Councillor Stickel with Doug Todd, reported Niell.
The premise behind the discounted lot idea is to set a base price for the lots ($25,000) and then enter into an agreement to recoup the remaining cost of the lots ($40,000) over a 10-year period ($4,000/year) with no interest.
The concern from administration on this idea, according to Neill, was how to enforce payment of the remaining cost of the lots once the base price had been paid and title turned over to the new owner.
Todd thought a good method to enforce payment would be to have the town enter into a promissory note with the owner for the reimbursement of the amounts owing. This would create a legal contract between the two parties that if in default would provide the town with an opportunity to gain reimbursement through the courts.
Administration will bring this forward with a recommendation for council approval at a later date.

Cervus farm equipment development

Cervus Farm Equipment has a conditional sale agreement in place for the purchase of a 10 acre parcel on the corner of Pioneer Trail and South Municipal Road, reported Neill.
Cervus is in the process of applying for a development permit to construct a new farm implement building on this site.
In discussions with the Cervus representatives, they hope to meet with council before winter to discuss their project as well as potential requests for council assistance with their project.

Arena update

While completing some maintenance on a portion of the header trench in the arena, reported Director of Community Services Gwen Snell, it was determined that the portion of steel header trench still remaining was getting very thin and required replacement with PVC pipe.
Working with the Frey Consulting (town ice plant maintenance contractor) and Hanna Welding Rods, an estimate to replace this pipe and all of the attachments was provided in the amount of $20 – $25,000.
Administration made the decision to proceed with the repair not wanting to have this piece of pipe fail during the season and have the work completed prior to the ice plant start-up.
Work was started for the removal and storage of the brine and the disconnection of all of the attached lines. The cost will be expended to the repair and maintenance portion of the arena budget at year end and it is anticipated that this portion of the budget will be overspent.
General cleaning including bleachers sweeping and cleaning is being done in preparation for the upcoming rodeo.
Also the arena bleachers and lighting were upgraded and repaired and the sound system will be reviewed prior to the rodeo.
The arena is scheduled to open Fri., Oct. 7.

Swimming pool closure

The swimming pool was kept open until midnight on it’s closing day, Aug. 29. The turnout for the final evening of the season didn’t have as great attendance due to the poor weather.
The pool has since been winterized, which included draining and blowing out approximately 1,000 metres of piping and then protecting the pipes with 600 litres of RV antifreeze.

Public works update

Brent Olesen, Director of Public Works, reported that the public works department has been busy painting lines and crosswalks as well as painted the centre line on the perimeter roads and Main St.
Public works also installed crossbucks on light standards, removed sidewalks and curbs in preparation for replacement and drained the lagoons.
Mudrack Concrete has completed the sidewalk and curbs and the crew will go back to each area to fill with  topsoil and grass seed or cold mix, depending upon the area.
Mudrack Concrete was able to install bases for the concrete angels that were ordered.
Potholes are being filled as time allows and the grader is doing maintenance in the alleys.
According to the report public works is still hauling sewage from the holding tank at Fox Lake Park every Friday and from the Special Areas maintenance shop sewer tanks every three weeks.

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