Community peace officer

Council motioned for CAO Neill to enter a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Town of Hanna.
This MoU is to satisfy the requirements of section 17(1) of the Peace Officer Regulation and establish terms of agreement between the RCMP and the town which allows the Town of Hanna to employ a Peace Officer.
“A lot of communities are getting peace officers,” stated CAO Neill, “[they] have the ability to work closely with the RCMP and be able to access information, primarily registered property.”
According to administration many municipalities standard for bylaw enforcement is a Community Peace Officer (CPO).
Currently the Director of Protective Services, Adrian Mohl, serves as the By-Law Enforcement Officer for the town. The town is not looking at hiring a CPO but rather transition Mohl in to the role, who already has the adequate training for a CPO Level II.
“We are not looking at hiring a Community Peace Officer,” continued CAO Neill. “It will be part of the duties of the Director. It will allow him to have that designation and more administrative ability to get information.”
“This is the first step in the process. There will be other things brought back to council as we move forward.” CAO Neill concluded.

Board appointment
During a regular council meeting on Mar. 13 Coun. Connie Deadlock was appointed at the regular Hanna council meeting on Mar. 13 to sit on the Hanna and District Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.
“Councillor Deadlock was our first choice,” expressed Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Kim Neill “She is on Cactus Corridor and is a small business owner as well.”
Coun. Deadlock will represent the Town of Hanna until the 2018 Town of Hanna Organizational meeting.

AltaGas steel main replacement
Chief Administrative Officer Kim Neill updated council on the steel main replacement that AltaGas has planned for this spring.
To date AltaGas has surveyed all property lines, identified existing mains and service lines and have completed several integrity digs which determines the condition of the main to be replaced.
This will be the largest construction project carried out by AltaGas in 2018.
“There is going to be crews all throughout town which will benefit the campgrounds, hotels, restaurants and hopefully people who choose to provide short term rentals,” shared CAO Neill.
The construction will bring an estimated 60 to 80 contracted employees to the area from May until October.
Administration has already been receiving phone calls regarding camping and long-term stays.

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