Community centre proposed renovations

Hanna town council

According to meeting minutes of the Community Services Board presented to council, Jaiden Henry has completed a plan with the existing building foot print.

Director of Community Services Gwen Snell submitted an application for a ‘Canada 150’ grant using this plan, which contains an estimate at $350/sq. ft.

Henry will do the plan with an addition that would include a new kitchen however an architect will be needed to complete this project.

The Community Services board will meet over the summer to continue plans to move forward with this project.

Climate change task force

The climate change task force has been meeting regularly with the last meeting on May 24 reported CAO Neil.

The task force is requesting proposals for consulting services for two projects.

One project is to create a report to identify the impacts of the premature shutdown of the generating station on the Town of Hanna and surrounding region.

This report will assist the Town and Special Areas with having our position better understood when meeting with provincial officials as to how seriously the community will be affected.

The second project, according to Neill, will consist of the preparation of a report that can identify potential new opportunities for business and industry and how the province could provide incentives for business and industry to set up in the Hanna area to compensate for the potential loss of  two major industries.

It appears that there is a significant interest in these RFP’s as there have been a number of consulting teams expressing interest and asking clarification questions.

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