Common sense and respect gone?

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Thank you for the excellent articles on resident displacement including the barn building and your most recent article on Solar and Wind Farm Ethics. Both these articles bring to light the challenges our communities and province are facing. Ones that no one wants to talk about.

I recently read a submission in an Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) Initiated Proceeding 28689 regarding Federal Jurisdiction and Supreme Court of Canada Supported Aeronautical Safety.

The submission read “I would like the Commission to consider how much one person’s hobby of flying should affect a number of neighbours land and life decisions.”

This submission is dismissing the rights of a federally licensed and federally controlled aerodrome as it may interfere with the rights of landowners to host wind turbines.
Where have our community values and support for one another gone?

I was also recently introduced to a local initiative asking residents to host construction workers for the Capital Power 2 Wind Project and the ATCO CETO Power line to show what a wonderful community we have. Great initiative. Except those that have been displaced and forced to relocate are being asked to support this initiative and make their empty yard sites available to those that displaced them. Kinda sounds like Justin Trudeau telling us to not fertilize, keep our cows from burping or farting. Telling us we cannot heat our homes with gas or eat pizza from a wood-fired pizza oven.

Where has our common sense and respect for one another gone?

Thank you ECA Review.

Dwayne Felzien
County of Paintearth

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