Combines start rolling into fields

The combines have started to roll out to the fields as the first fall crops are being harvested. It is early this year to be sure. The temperatures and lack of moisture has really brought on the crops quickly but mother nature is in charge as all farmers know and we must do our best with what she gives us.

Please be aware of these large vehicles as they are moving from field to field as they often times cannot see a smaller vehicle such as a car.

All farmers work very hard and carefully so help them out by making sure they see you before you try to pass around them. Please be safe everyone.

Linda Helmer stopped by with the news from the St. Mary’s Lodge Birthday Club for August. There were many birthdays this month. In extended care, Margo Henning, Audrey Smith and Dick Vickery all celebrated their birthday. In the Lodge, Mary Scheibler, Les Campbell, Lily Campbell and Betty Miller celebrated their birthdays as well.

On Sept. 17, Marilyn Olmstead will be the hostess for the Birthday Club and welcomes anyone interested in helping out with this fun event.

Giggle for the week: My father was a guard at San Quentin and we lived on the prison grounds. Occasionally, inmates came by and helped with yard work. One day Mom lost the keys to the shed. A man who was mowing the lawn offered to help. Picking up a hammer, he gave the lock two sharp taps and it magically opened. “Wow,” said Mom, “How did you do that so quickly?” Handing back the hammer, the prisoner said, “Ma’am, I’m not in this place for nothing.”

I will have the results for you next week from the Red Deer River Garden Show, Wed. Aug. 29. This event has been part of our community for over 70 years.


by Patty Steen

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