Combines are moving in Alliance area

The dust is flying, the combines are moving, the grain is pouring in and the weather is beautiful.

Lloyd Elther is now a full time resident of Alliance.  He joins his wife Kelly who has been here for a few months.  They live in the old  Ede Alcorn house behind the Alliance Trading Post.

The Alliance Trading Post has a whole new look.  The store front has been updated to beige siding and brick columns.

The Streichers are now living in Strathmore.

Ross and Karin McCracken have purchased the big house on the corner from Gordon McPherson.  This is the former Peacock house.  Gord McPherson has been living in Camrose where he finds more to do.

Dwayne McCracken will be moving into the house on the farm.

Tina Ratcliffe has been sending the most interesting reports from Holland as she and two of her sisters visit relatives and tour.  They spent a few days in Amsterdam and plan to go to Paris before coming home.

Roger and Betty Spady went to Paris, London and Wales on their trip to Europe arriving home on Sunday, September 15.

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