Colossal projects affect on power bills

Dear Editor,

Fossil Fuel: Thank God for our good old fossil fuel! Without it, we would all have been in dire straits the last three or four weeks. 

I wonder how many windmills and solar panels it would have taken to keep our homes warm? 

If Prime Minister Trudeau is going to shut the oil and gas and coal industry down, I think we should be able to see his plan and timeline for doing this. 

The “Greenys” and the climate changers say we have to do this within five years or the old planet is doomed. 

I think Trudeau’s plan will be somewhere between a fairytale and a nightmare, or maybe he figures the “Carbon Tax” will do it all for him. 

Trudeau and his “Greeny” friends should have driven out West last week in their electric cars to see how they performed at 40 or 50 degrees below zero. 

I’m kind of wondering how much my power bill will be after he gets done with this colossal project?

Does anybody really think he can pull this one off? I think the world’s going to need our oil gas and coal for a few more millenniums!


Robert Blagen

Youngstown, Alta.

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