Cohesive plan needs to be in place

Wendy and Jim Dafoe's plan to plant trees along the base of the rodeo hill have been put on hold.
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Wendy and Jim Dafoe organized a fundraiser at the Coronation Dam and Campground May 26. Money raised would go toward purchasing trees that would be planted along the base of the rodeo hill. Their fundraiser was shut down by members of town council before it even started and has been put on hold for the time being.

The Dafoe’s want to plant trees along the base of the rodeo hill but their plans have been put on hold for the time being.

On Sunday, May 26 Wendy and Jim Dafoe, Coronation Dam and Campground attendants, organized a free “coffee and squares” get-together at Coronation’s campground.
The purpose of this event was to say thank you to those who had already donated to their “tree fund”, a project established on Facebook by Wendy Dafoe which garnered close to $1,000 in donations from people in town, and to collect donations from people who still wanted to support the expansion of green space at the Coronation Dam and Campground.
The Dafoe’s planned to use the funds raised at the event to purchase trees which they would plant along the base of the rodeo hill on the campground. Also, people who donated money to purchase trees had the option of planting a tree in honour/memory of a loved one.
But, before the Dafoe’s event even started it was shut down.
“All I want is this campground to continue to grow and look beautiful,” said Wendy Dafoe. “Last year, we spent $500 of our own money on beautifying the park.”
CAO Sandra Kulyk, advised by council members and the mayor, instructed Barry Brigley to go to the campground and shut down the fundraiser.
The Dafoe’s were told they had to get council’s approval to raise money for their tree fund.
Kulyk said there was confusion in town between the ChooseWell Committee’s memorial garden and the Dafoe’s plan to fundraise money to plant trees along the rodeo hill in honour/memory of a loved one.
Kulyk said a councilor received calls from people in town asking if the two projects were the same or different.
“There was confusion over one verses the other,” said Kulyk. “We wanted to put their plans on hold until we could clearly separate the two projects.”
The Dafoe’s said they were never approached or made aware of the plans for a memorial park in the campground. Wendy Dafoe said the first time her and her husband learned of the memorial park was when Bernie Danylyshen began planting trees in a portion of the old baseball diamond.
Kulyk said it would have been proper protocol for the Dafoe’s to approach council with a proposal to fundraise money for new trees in the campground.
“The Dafoe’s are contracted by council,” said Kulyk. “Therefore, there would be an expectation to seek council’s approval if they were undertaking a project to solicit donations.”
Kulyk said council does not want groups arbitrarily doing projects without a cohesive approval process because the fear is there will be contradiction and confusion.
In Mayor Elliott’s email to the ECA Review she said she does not oppose the Dafoe’s plan to plant memorial trees at the campground.
“This is a wonderful idea for the campground,” said Elliott. “However, a cohesive plan needs to be in place to address some concerns.”
Council said it would welcome a proposal from the Dafoe’s regarding their plan to plant memorial trees in the campground.

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