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Cade Christiansen gets an early jump on his bull ride at the Crooked Horn Canadian Junior Rodeo held on June 25 at the Trochu rodeo grounds. ECA Review/D.Blake Rodeo Photos

Wow, what a whirlwind of a month with so much happening at our rodeo grounds.

I hope I don’t miss anyone but please know that we appreciate all the help.

On June 11 – 12 our grounds were rented to the Canadian Girls Rodeo Association (CGRA).

It was a fantastic weekend for them. We really enjoyed having them here to start the summer off right.

We brought to you Crooked Horn Canadian Junior Rodeo Association for our day event on June 25. The weather was perfect for this event.

It is important to support the youth in their rodeo future.

The evening of June 25 we brought to Trochu, for the first time, Bull Riders Canada Inc.
Terry Silbernagel for running the Calcutta.

What an amazing event it was! The day finished with Reed Salmon Music performing right at the grounds. Sounds like most of the town heard them too. We enjoyed having him perform. It was great music.

Thank you to Randi Hogg for being onsite for the bulls as well as the Trochu Fire Department for supplying the equipment.

July 1 – 2 we had our annual fun events at the grounds. Thank you to DJ Steve Rose for making the annual Ball Tournament dance hopping.

Thank you to Krista Grant Armstrong and Rod Reimer for volunteering to help with the dance.

Thank you to our food trucks, Krave Food Truck and Diggers Diner.

Thank you to the Town of Trochu for making sure the ice was out for the dance.

The Trochu Arena is the best place to hold our annual dance. Thank you as well to the Town of Trochu and Three Hills Cruise committee for sharing the bleachers for our Co-operators Rope, Ride and Race event, June 25.

Thank you to Chris Reeds for lending us your generator for our Bouncy Castles. Thank you to Trochu Golf & Country Club for providing ice for our dance.

Thank you for everyone who came out and supported our events. We love being able to bring to our town and surrounding area events for all people to enjoy.

A huge thank you to our committee and volunteers, Nicooly Bignold, Cody Floyd, Lynnette Toews de Beaudrap, Garrison Krabsen, Jean Guy Martel, Lori Rust de Beaudrap, Jaime Martel and Blair Thieman who put all the work into making these events successful,.

Event sponsorships
Our sponsors are a huge part in making these events happen. Because of their support we are able to provide entertainment for the community and surrounding area. They are:
Chute sponsorship: Trochu Motors, Glover International Trucks Ltd., Trochu & District AG Society
Timed Events sponsorship: Brandt Agriculture, Walbern Agri-Systems
Dance sponsorship: LTR Trucking Ltd.
Panel Sponsorship: Town of Trochu, NAPA Auto Parts Three Hills, Maximum Hearing, Balkwill Pharmacy, Smith Repair, Kneehill County, Sandy’s Dental, Grains Connect Canada, OK Tire Linden, Sunterra Meats, Ron Frere, Drumheller Chrysler, BLB Grain Group, UFA Petroleum, Linden Agri-Centre, Ember Resources,
Support sponsorship:, Frank Vanderkley, King’s Seed Farm Ltd., Norman Tainsh Professional Corp, Brad Bauer, Spiffy Biffys Septic Services.
Service and Equipment support: Ed Knievel, TRL Trucking Ltd., Hastie Hauling, Three Hills Rental, 3D Patch Works Ltd., UFA Farm Supply store.

by Trochu & District Ag Society

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