Club house repairs to begin

Roger Golby was awarded an $18,880 contract to begin repairs at the Coronation Golf Course club house by the Coronation Town Council at their last regular meeting on Mon., Sept. 12.
According to CAO Sandra Kulyk, although there have been on- going water issues in the club house basement for some time, this was the first year that the water became a serious issue.  It was a combination of a wet year, higher levels of ground water as well as standing water in the basement which also damaged the walls.
Kulyk also told the ECA Review that the Health Inspector made two visits to the club house this summer and informed the town that the operating permit would not be renewed if action was not taken to fix the problem prior to the end of the October (the permit renewal date).
The decks are scheduled to be removed and the ground around the club house will be trenched.  A waterproof barrier of tar or plastic or both will be put around the building, weeping tile installed and a different route for water from the sump pit will be configured to keep the water from returning to the ground near the  clubhouse.
The goal is to have the excavation and underground work and property landscaping done before snowfall.
Kulyk also mentioned that two grant applications have been made, one to Progressive Waste Solutions and one to the Community Facility Enhancement fund.  Kulyk said she “has every reason to hope the project will be fully funded between the two grants”.

Water line repairs

The public works staff for the Town of Coronation worked with M&N Construction to resolve a recent waterline break that occurred on Sept. 8 half way between the reservoir and Coronation.
Kulyk told the ECA Review that the public works staff noticed a spike in the daily consumption limit and immediately began driving the line to find the leak as well as researching how to repair the 14 inch fusion pipe used on that line (which differs from the regular PVC pipe used within town limits).
A clamp was put on the pipe to resolve the issue.
Three certified water haulers from Red Deer and Stettler were brought in to reduce the likelihood of a loss of positive water pressure.  In the event that there was a loss of positive water pressure a “boil water” advisory would have been issued.
However the three trucks, one of which stationed at a fire hydrant near the Frontier Hotel and two trucks which were hauling water to the third truck kept most residents from even realizing the team was in the process of installing the clamp.
The entire procedure was done within four hours and thus far there have been no additional leaks.  The plan is to leave the clamp exposed for two days to ensure there are no additional problems.
Although no approximate costs were given for the break, it is expected to be in the thousands.  The cost of materials, construction and water which spilled during the leak will all need to be accounted for in the reserve budget which the town holds for just such an event.

Sports grounds to charge for camping

The Town of Coronation council, with the exception of Coun. Alderdice, voted to charge $15 to campers during special events that take place on the sports grounds.
Special events include 4-H sales, baseball tournaments and the gymkhana that takes place during the agricultural fair, for example.
Event organizers will need to acquire permission from council to allow participants to camp near their livestock during special events.
Although concern was voiced for the perception of taking business away from local campgrounds by charging for camping during special events, the prevailing thinking was that council hopes the charge will push people to opt for a serviced campground and thus encourage local business.

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